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BD Carefusion Alaris PCU 8015

BD Carefusion Alaris PCU 8015

Brand:   Carefusion
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
The CareFusion Alaris PC Unit is the core of the Alaris System and provides a common user interface for programming infusions and monitoring, which helps to reduce complexity at the point of care.
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More Carefusion Alaris PCU Pictures BD CareFusion Alaris 8015 PCU Modules - Soma Technology, Inc.BD CareFusion Alaris PCU and CareFusion Alaris 8100 - Soma Technology, Inc.CareFusion Alaris PCU Alaris Pump Module - Soma Technology, Inc. Carefusion Alaris PCU BD 8015 Features The CareFusion Alaris PC Unit is the core of the Alaris System and provides a common user interface for programming infusions and monitoring, which helps to reduce complexity at the point of care. The display uses color to clearly communicate critical programming, infusion, monitoring and hospital-defined policy information. The wireless network card provides wireless communication capability between the Alaris System and Alaris Systems Manager. The combined use of the Alaris System and Alaris Systems Manager is integrated into a facility’s existing network infrastructure. Wireless connectivity Powerful analytics Exceptional versatility Increased protection for IV safety Exceptional versatility A common user interface simplifies IV administration by standardizing pump, syringe and PCA on one platform Monitoring can be added with the Alaris SpO2 and EtCO2 modules, allowing the clinician to automatically pause PCA infusions if patients fall below target respiratory level The Alaris Auto-ID module offers a unique IV barcoding solution that attaches directly onto the Alaris System Increased protection for IV safety Guardrails Suite MX software is the most comprehensive safety software available The wirelessly enabled software is available on every device Provides the right protection for every infusion by double-checking dose and duration, as well as delivery rate, protecting critical infusions like chemotherapy Powerful analytics Guardrails software allows you to convert data into meaningful information, so you can quickly identify opportunities for clinical and operational improvement With Guardrails CQI Reporter, you have the tools to spot subtle trends, measure the effectiveness of your IV formularies and best practices, and continuously optimize patient care Alaris PC Unit Specifications Dimensions Height: 8.8 In (22.4 cm) Width: 6.9 In (17.5 cm) Depth: 9 In (22.9 cm) Weight: 7.2 lbs (3.2 kg) Battery Battery run time is a function of the number of modules attached and module activity. With a new, fully charged battery, the system operates as follows before a “BATTERY DISCHARGED” message occurs: 6 Hours: with one Pump module infusing at 25 mL/h 6 Hours: with one Pump module infusing at 25 mL/h and one Auto-ID module 3 Hours: with four Pump modules infusing at 25 mL/h 3 Hours: with four Pump modules infusing at 25 mL/h and one Auto-ID module 4.5 Hours: with one active SpO2 module 6 Hours: with one Syringe module or PCA module infusing at 5 mL/h 3 Hours: with four Syringe modules, or one PCA module and three Syringe modules, infusing at 5 mL/h 4 Hours: with one active EtCO2 module Communication Data Port RS-232 with an RJ45 connector Memory The System configuration/data set is stored in compact flash memory along with operating software. The events and error logs are stored in the on-board flash memory in the Alaris PC unit and modules. This is nonvolatile memory and can be held indefinitely or until replaced with new data and not lost when power is turned off or the battery is in a weak/discharged state. Module-specific parameters are stored for 8 hours when system is turned off. After 8 hours of continuous off-time, or if a module is detached, module specific trend data (if applicable) and module-specific operating parameters are automatically purged. If a PCA, SpO2 or EtCO2 module is detached and replaced with another PCA, SpO2, or EtCO2 module, its module-specific trend data is purged. Memory will not be lost due to a weak/discharged battery as data is stored on flash memory as noted. Compact flash memory: Stores application software, audio wave files, Data Set, and hex files data for operating system software, all needed to operate the Alaris System. On-board flash memory: Contains software needed to initially turn on Alaris System. Stores boot software application, and events, errors and battery logs.

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General Information About IV Therapy IV Therapy IV therapy is used to deliver by infusion, fluids, medication, or nutrients to patients. There are two main types of administration of infusion, volumetric and syringe/PCA. IV Therapy-Volumetric These pumps are used when the accuracy of fluid volume to be infused is critical such as in the case of medications used for infusion of drugs for circulatory support. Volumetric pumps deliver a given volume of fluid per unit time measured in mL/hour. Volumetric pumps can be single or multi channel. Both types allow for the administration of more than one fluid at a time. Single channel employs a piggyback method while multi-channel uses separate tubing set up for the administration of multiple medications or fluids IV Therapy-Syringe Syringe pumps are used to administer small volumes of fluids or medications. (1 mL to 60 mL syringe) Syringe pumps are an effective way to deliver medication with precision while reducing the chance of human error if the medication were to be administered by a member of the medical staff* (of course human error can occur when inputting data or choosing dose rate over time) Like volumetric pumps, syringe pumps can be programmed to deliver the medication over a predetermined time