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Cardioline ClickHolter Software

Cardioline ClickHolter Software

Brand:   Cardioline
Condition:   New
RR window displays the RR tachogram, the dedicated trends for each type of arrhythmia.
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The ClickHolterolter Software combines all the typical procedures for the Holter test in a single application: from recorder management to downloading the test to a PC and automatically archiving it, from automatic analysis and review to printing out the final document and exporting it in electronic format. For use with the Cardioline ClickHolter Recorder. Feature and Benefits RR window displays the RR tachogram, the dedicated trends for each type of arrhythmia; TFamily window presents morphological analysis results, grouping all complexes found during the Holter recording into classes. Events window lists all the episodes detected, indicating the number and allowing the user to easily evaluate them. ST window focuses the operator’s attention on the analysis of the ST and QT segment Report window allows the user to write the conclusions and configure the final print document.

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications Analysis Modes: Interactive, with the possibility of analyzing and reviewing the test by using lists of events, morphological families and trends, automatically pre-organised by the software. Also available in superimposition mode. The analysis parameters can be configured and saved for each test. Color Coding: Normal, ventricular, supra-ventricular, anticipated, paused, pacemaker stimulated , noisy, aberrant beats, left/right branch block. Arrhythmias Detected: VEB, SVEB, CPT, VT, SVT, SVS, BRA, DEL, AFIB, ESC, IVR, AIVR, PAU, DEL. Morphological Classifications: Normal beats, ventricular beats pacemaker-stimulated, aberrant beats, left/right branch block. Advance RR Analysis: Atrial fibrillation, RR variability in the time domain. Pacemaker Analysis: Recognition of atrial pacemakers, ventricular, atrio-ventricular and fusion beats.

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3-year warranty.