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Amplivox Otowave 302 Tympanometer

Amplivox Otowave 302 Tympanometer

Brand:   Amplivox
Condition:   New
The Amplivox Otowave 302 is a desktop solution for reliable and objective middle ear measurements.
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The Amplivox Otowave 302 is a desktop solution for reliable and objective middle ear measurements. Features and Benefits Functionality Otowave 302 provides 226Hz probe tone impedance measurements (scalar) together with a user programmable range of ipsilateral and contralateral reflex test measurements at 500Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz and 4 kHz. Recording Results The Otowave 302 is very intuitive to use with clear on-screen information, which can be easily seen from a wide range of viewing positions. Results can be: Saved within internal memory with a patient identifier Printed via the optional portable thermal printer Transferred to a PC using the supplied Amplivox TympView application for paper print and electronic document requirements Usage and Portability The Otowave 302 can easily be used in a static clinical setting, where its small size is of great benefi t when clinic space is at a premium. The Otowave 302 is also supplied with a custom designed carry case for any potential mobile requirements.

Additional Information

Materials Included Otowave 302 Tympanometer Test cavities 30 Disposable Ear Tips Contralateral Transducer Mains Adapter USB Cable Carrying Case CD with Operating Manual, Amplivox TympView & NOAH Impedance Module PC applications

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications Available Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Tympanometry Measurements Probe Tone Level and Accuracy: 226Hz +/-2%; 85dBSPL +/-2dB Pressure Range and Accuracy: +200daPa to -400daPa +/-10daPa or +/-10% (whichever is larger) over range 0.1ml to 5ml Direction of Sweet: Positive to negative pressure Volumetric Range and Accuracy: 0.2ml to 5ml +/-0.1ml or +/-5% (whichever is larger) Analysis Performed: Admittance peak level in 226Hz & Pressure at Peak Gradient in daPa Ear canal volume (ECV) Measurements Sweep Speeds: Selectable: 100, 200 or 300 daPa/sec Reflex Measurements Reflex Type: Ipsilateral, contralateral or both Reflex Frequencies: Ipsilateral and contralateral: User-configurable Reflex levels (Max levels): Ipsilateral: 70dBHL to 100dBHL (+/-3dB) Contralateral: 70dBHL to 110dBHL (+/-3dB) Reflex Detection Threshold: 0.01ml to 0.5ml +/-0.01ml (configurable in 0.01ml steps) Analysis Performed: Reflex maximum amplitude and pass/fail at each test level Data Management Internal Database: 36 patient records with patient record identifier Printing direct to printer: Optional designated high speed portable thermal printer PC database interface: The Amplivox NOAH Impedance module is supplied as standard for data transfer to the NOAH database using a USB connection Viewing & printing from a PC: The Amplivox TympView application is supplied as standard to transfer data to a PC using a USB connection for review and print Physical Data Power: 100-240Vac; 50/60Hz via Amplivox mains adapter (approved to medical safety standards) Dimensions: Length: 6.89" Width: 10.66" Height: 2.75" Weight: 302 tympanometer: 1.67 lbs Probe: .25 lbs (Including Connecting Cable) Standard Equipment Safety: IEC 60601-1 (including national requirements for US and Canada) EMC: IEC 60601-1-2 Impedance: IEC 606045-5 Type 2 tympanometer ANSI S3.39 Type 2 tympanometer CE Mark: Complies to EU Medical Device directive

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