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accuDEXA2 Bone Densitometer

accuDEXA2 Bone Densitometer

Brand:   accuDEXA2
Condition:   New
The ACCUDXA2 Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Assessment System provides a quick, convenient and economical measure for determining a patient's fracture risk.
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The ACCUDXA2 Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Assessment System provides a quick, convenient and economical measure for determining a patient's fracture risk. Though small in size, ACCUDXA2 is packed with sophisticated technology. Everything you need to quickly and confidently assess your patient's BMD is housed within the unit. The simple test can be performed right in your office and does not require the removal of garments or the application of messy gels or creams. Results are achieved utilizing super-accurate Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), the industry standard for BMD. Simply place the patient's hand in the unit, follow a simple set of commands on the view screen, and in 30 seconds you have the results you need. Features and Benefits Uses DEXA technology, the gold standard in bone densitometry. Medicare ($35-$50) and most private insurance companies ($75) currently reimburse, giving potential for quick return on investment. ACCUDXA2's ease of use and short test time will help attract new patients. Enables physicians to comply with National Osteoporosis Testing recommendations, and helps manage periodic osteoporosis screening for at-risk patients. Scatter to the operator is only 1/15,000th of the weekly radiation exposure limit. Patient exposure is 0.0003 uSv or 1/150,000th of a typical chest x-ray. Low precision error (<1%) allows for the detection of changes over time. Telephone and e-mail support provided. FDA Approved accuDEXA ROI accuDEXA ROIOf course the best return on investment for a practicing doctor is the peace of mind that he has knowing that if any of his patients are suffering bone density loss he has an early detection method. And since the accuDEXA2 is so easy to use and radiates the patients with less radiation than an afternoon at the beach patients of all ages can be safely tested. In the practical world of accounting the return on investing is easy to calculate. On annual basis the lease payments would be $4,296 a year (Plus you could add a service contract for $850 a year) and if you tested 5 (260 a year) patients a week with a reimbursement rate of $40.00 your annual income would be $10,400 – an annual return of 1000%! 77081 CPT Code Frequently Asked Questions 1. What type of technology does the accuDEXA use? The accuDEXA utilizes dual-energy X-ray absorbtiometry (DEXA), the standard in bone densitometry, to assess the bone mineral density (BMD) of the middle phalange of the third finger. 2. Who is qualified to operate an accuDEXA? All MDs and radiation technologists can operate the accuDEXA. In many states, nurse practitioners and other properly trained individuals can operate the device as well. 3. What is the precision and accuracy of the test? The precision in clinical subjects is within 1%. The accuracy error (SEE=1.8%) is lower than other peripheral and axial techniques. 4. Does finger BMD predict fracture? There is clear evidence showing that the finger BMD helps predict generalized fracture as well as other peripheral and axial techniques. 5. How long does an accudexa exam take? An entire accuDEXA exam takes less than 2 minutes. Scan time is less than 10 seconds. Technology Comparison Bone Mineral Density Assessment Technologies: A Comparison When compared to other methods of BMD† assessment, the benefits of accuDEXA are clearly evident. As this chart demonstrates, accuDEXA helps the physician make an easier diagnosis of low bone mineral density. Technology Precision Accuracy error-BMC Radiation (µSv) Estimated Exam Time hip DXA 1 - 2%* 4 - 8%* 0.6 - 5.9 15 min spine DXA 1%* 4 - 8%* 2.9 15 min forearm DXA <1-2%** 4.3 - 5.2%** 0.1 7 min Ultrasound 3%*** N/A N/A 3 min accuDEXA <1% 1.8% .0003 2 min * Grant et al. Radiological Diagnosis of Osteoporosis; Endocrine Radiology, Vol. 31, No.5, 1993. ** Hagiwara, S. et al. Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry Forearm Software: Accuracy and Intermachine Relationship; JBMR, Vol. 9, No. 9, 1994. *** Manufacturer's literature † BMD represents an index of bone mineral density

Additional Information

Materials Included 1.15 acquisition software Self diagnostic software Phoenix digital sensor Finger phantom for accuracy testing Power Cord Spudger tool 2 Fuses Dimensions Size: 14 x 15 x 14 in (35.56 x 38.1 x 35.56 cm) Window Clearance: 6 x 4.5 in (15.24 x 11.43 cm)

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications Receptor Size: 2 x 1.75 in (5.08 x 4.445 cm) Reference Axis to Receptor Angle: 90° Source To Finger Distance: 10 in (25.4 cm) Focal Spot to Target Distance: 10.4 in (26.42 cm) Focal Spot to Skin Distance: 9.75 ± 0.2 in (24.77 ± 0.5 cm) BMD Precision: 0.8 mR per hour at 1 meter distance Effective X-ray Dose: 3E-04 uSv per scan Scatter Radiation: 6.1 mR per hour at 1 meter distance Calibration: Automatic, no user intervention required Scan Time: Less than 1 minute Printer: See Appendix E in the User Guide for a list of compatible printers.

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1-year warranty included