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 Amplivox Otowave 302-H Tympanometer w/ 1000 Hz Probe Tone

Amplivox Otowave 302-H Tympanometer w/ 1000 Hz Probe Tone

Brand:   Amplivox
Condition:   New
The Amplivox Otowave 302-H is a desktop solution for reliable and objective middle ear measurements.
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Features and Benefits Functionality The Otowave 302-H features a comprehensive specification including user defined: Probe tone impedance measurements at 226Hz and 1000Hz (scalar, vector and component measurements; admittance (Y), susceptance (B), conductance (G)). Range of ipsilateral and contralateral reflex test measurements at 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz and 4kHz. Recording Results The Otowave 302-H is very intuitive to use with clear on-screen information, which can be easily seen from a wide range of viewing positions. Results can be: Saved within internal memory with a patient identifier Printed via the optional portable thermal printer Transferred to a PC using the supplied Amplivox TympView application for paper print and electronic document requirements Usage and Portability The Otowave 302-H can easily be used in a static clinical setting, where its small size is of great benefi t when clinic space is at a premium. The Otowave 302-H is also supplied with a custom designed carry case for any potential mobile requirements

Additional Information

Materials Included Otowave 302-H Tympanometer Test cavities 30 Disposable Ear Tips Contralateral Transducer Mains Adapter USB Cable Carrying Case CD with Operating Manual, Amplivox TympView & NOAH Impedance Module PC applications

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications Available Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Tympanometry Measurements Probe Tone Level and Accuracy: 1000Hz +/- 2%; 79dBSPL +/-2dB Pressure Range and Accuracy: +200daPa to -400daPa +/-10daPa or +/-10% (whichever is larger) over range 0.1ml to 5ml Direction of Sweet: Positive to negative pressure Volumetric Range and Accuracy: 0.2ml to 5ml +/-0.1ml or +/-5% (whichever is larger) Analysis Performed: Admittance peak level in 1000Hz & Pressure at Peak Gradient in daPa Ear canal volume (ECV) Measurements Sweep Speeds: Selectable: 100, 200 or 300 daPa/sec Reflex Measurements Reflex Type: Ipsilateral, contralateral or both Reflex Frequencies: Ipsilateral and contralateral: User-configurable Reflex levels (Max levels): Ipsilateral: 70dBHL to 100dBHL (+/-3dB) Contralateral: 70dBHL to 110dBHL (+/-3dB) Reflex Detection Threshold: 0.01ml to 0.5ml +/-0.01ml (configurable in 0.01ml steps) Analysis Performed: Reflex maximum amplitude and pass/fail at each test level Data Management Internal Database: 36 patient records with patient record identifier Printing direct to printer: Optional designated high speed portable thermal printer PC database interface: The Amplivox NOAH Impedance module is supplied as standard for data transfer to the NOAH database using a USB connection Viewing & printing from a PC: The Amplivox TympView application is supplied as standard to transfer data to a PC using a USB connection for review and print Physical Data Power: 100-240Vac; 50/60Hz via Amplivox mains adapter (approved to medical safety standards) Dimensions: Length: 6.89" Width: 10.66" Height: 2.75" Weight: 302 tympanometer: 1.67 lbs Probe: .25 lbs (Including Connecting Cable) Standard Equipment Safety: IEC 60601-1 (including national requirements for US and Canada) EMC: IEC 60601-1-2 Impedance: IEC 606045-5 Type 2 tympanometer ANSI S3.39 Type 2 tympanometer CE Mark: Complies to EU Medical Device directive

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