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Kapture Software

Kapture Software

Condition:   New
RECOMMENDED PC SPECIFICATION Not included with Slit Lamp or Kapture software
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RECOMMENDED PC SPECIFICATION Not included with Slit Lamp or Kapture software Operating system Windows XP 32 bit (minimum SP3) or Windows 7/8 64-bit Windows features Full install of .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5 framework. All .NET updates and OS updates Processor Intel Core i5 or i7 recommended Memory Minimum 4 GByte RAM HDD Minimum 500 MB Hard Disc (larger recommended) at 7200 rpm Ports 2 Free Full speed USB2 ports that will support video Backup Device External HD, LAN, DVD-Writer or other Monitor Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution recommend 1600 x 900 Keyboard and Mouse Wheel mouse preferred Software Options Kapture Lite Video (included with Digital Slit Lamp) Kapture Lite Video is a fully functioning stand-alone system including video andstill capture with live preview, patient data base, image processing, import and export. Kapture Lite Video is included with the Digital Camera upgrade assembly and the complete Digital Slit Lamp system. Kapture Digital All the features of Lite plus video capture, measurements, network connectivity and multiup multiple image printing and saving Upgrade, Support and Review station options Kapture View Kapture View allows patient data and images to be viewed over the network – this requires the Kapture station to be networked. Kapture View Plus Kapture View Plus includes file import, measure and multiup – the Kapture station must be networked. Support Kapture comes with a years free support, to include upgrades, online and telephone support. Ongoing support can be purchased from Keeler. Quick Overview Select software option from menu below. Patient images are fed via USB to Keeler’s Kapture Image and Patient Management software application. Kapture allows the capture of patient images and notation of these images while a database stores demographics and more detailed information. All data and images are entered via easy to use screen and several software options are available to suit your needs. Image capture and processing Powerful image processing features include: Freeze and freeze frame review Still capture and video Image import and export, compare Color blance, crop, zoom, split RGB Annotate, flip, draw, Invert color Sharpen, Contrast / Brightness, Gamma control