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Digital Slit Lamp Lenses

Digital Slit Lamp Lenses

Brand:   Volk
Condition:   New
Volk Digital Series Slit Lamp Lenses are the third generation of double aspheric, non-contact slit lamp lenses.
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These lenses offer enhanced double aspheric design and higher quality A/R coatings to noticeably reduce reflections and glare. The Digital Series Slit Lamp Lenses are ideal for both ophthalmic examinations and imaging, enabling ophthalmologists to discern an unprecedented level of image detail at the slit lamp. Volk Digital Series Slit Lamp Lenses include the Digital High Mag®, which provides outstanding stereopsis and high magnification, the Digital 1.0x Imaging Lens, which offers superb image clarity, and the Digital Wide Field®, which features high-index glass to provide the highest resolution stereo images. Available Digital Series Slit Lamp Lenses Include: Digital High Mag- Blue Ring Digital High Mag- Black Ring Digital High Mag- Gold Ring Digital High Mag- Green Ring Digital High Mag- Purple Ring Digital High Mag- Red Ring Digital High Mag- Silver Ring Digital 1.0X Imaging Digital Wide Field- Blue Ring Digital Wide Field- Black Ring Digital Wide Field- Gold Ring Digital Wide Field-Green Ring Digital Wide Field- Purple Ring Digital Wide Field- Red Ring Digital Wi Digital High Mag® Features: Low-dispersion glass for superb resolution and imaging High magnification Excellent stereopsis for detection of optic disc swelling, cupping, and macular serous fluid Ideal for imaging of the central retina Digital 1.0x Imaging Lens Features: Minimizes photographic distortion and reflections 0x magnification for simplified optic disc measurement High index, high resolution glass Ideal for slit lamp photography Digital Wide Field® Features: Pan retinal examination in high resolution Widest field of view past the vortex Minimizes reflections and distortions Highest resolution, even through small pupilsde Field- Silver Ring