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Acrylic Internal Reflection Lenses

Acrylic Internal Reflection Lenses

Brand:   Volk
Condition:   New
Volk Internal Reflection Lenses offer ophthalmologists a complete,
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high-resolution view of the chamber angle for examination and laser treatment. The Mini Four-Mirror Gonio Lens features a small body and ring to make manipulation easier within a small orbit. The One-Mirror SLT Gonio lens is specifically designed for selective laser trabeculoplasty, and can also be used for all other types of trabeculoplasty procedures. Available Internal Reflection Lenses Include: Mini Four Mirror Gonio Lens ANF+ One Mirror SLT Gonio Lens Mini Four Mirror Gonio Lens Four mirrors allow for a complete view of the chamber angle Small body and ring for easy manipulation within the orbit Ideal for small anatomies and narrow palpebral fissures Does not require use of a viscous coupling fluid Broadband coating for reduced reflections and glare Maximum laser throughput One Mirror SLT Gonio Lens Specifically designed for selective laser trabeculoplasty Large, single reflecting surface 0x magnification Consistent laser spot size and power density Curved upper lens provides precise laser spot placement Flanged contact element Broadband coating reduces reflections and glare