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Welch Allyn


Brand:   welchallyn
Condition:   New
Scale-Tronix Stow-A-Weigh Scales deliver a big impact with a small footprint. These compact scales provide the fast, accurate weight measurements you need to help improve patient care and outcomes while saving on floor space. These innovative, fold-up scales are ideal for clinics, triage areas, exam rooms or anywhere space is limited. With stand-on, wheelchair and stretcher models available, it’s easy to find the right low-profile weighing solution for your environment. Scales that are big on performance and small on space—it’s easy to see why Scale-Tronix is a trusted brand for U.S. hospitals.
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Mount snug to the wall providing a slender 4” profile when not in use Automatically turn on and zero as platforms are opening Low-profile weighing surfaces designed for easy patient access Allow quick reweighs while patients are still on the scale Weigh a continuous stream of patients without rezeroing Bright, easy-to-read digital displays

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