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Welch Allyn


Brand:   welchallyn
Condition:   New
Weighing in at just four ounces (125 grams), the H12+ Digital Holter Recorder is designed to improve the patient's experience. Utilizing the patented LeadForm patient cable to maximize patient comfort, it provides 12-lead data recorded beat-by-beat on a compact flash memory card for up to 48 hours. It features a full graphic display to preview ECG waveforms during patient hookup, which can be performed in any convenient location. Alphanumeric patient IDs can be entered for unique identification of each recording—without requiring external input devices for entry. A sampling frequency of 10,000 samples/sec/channel provides superior pacemaker spike detection. Recordings can be uploaded from a computer with Internet access to a scanning center equipped with HScribe™ Web Upload. H12+ is compatible with the HScribe Holter analysis system featuring VERITAS™ signal processing and analysis capabilities. Recordings are imported and rapidly analyzed at the HScribe Holter analysis system.
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12-lead data recorded beat-by-beat on a compact flash memory card 10,000 samples/sec/channel for superior pacemaker spike detection HScribe Holter Analysis System provides sophisticated review and editing tools Analysis system features VERITAS signal processing and analysis Weighs just four ounces (125 grams)

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