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Welch Allyn


Brand:   welchallyn
Condition:   New
The E-Scribe™ ECG data management application is designed for high-volume, demanding environments, providing the necessary tools to measure, review and export HL7®-compliant annotated ECGs. The Digital Measurement and Annotation Module adds study-specific measurement protocols with cardiologist instructions. Optional VERITAS™ semi-automatic caliper placement speeds analysis and adds accuracy and consistency. Blinding and randomization features support E14 QT study requirements. ECG data can be exported in XML, PDF and TIFF formats. Customizable automatic processing rules route ECGs to any destination, for any reason. ECGs can be printed, emailed, faxed, exported and added to worklists based on ECG status, demographics, automatic measurements, interpretation and acquisition priority flag. Configurable worklists organize ECGs according to a study's workflow processes. Worklists give quick access to ECGs requiring demographics verification, measurements and quality checks.
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Demographic fields (e.g., subject & visit numbers) can be defined for each study Authorized Windows® users can view ECGs without additional credentials All ECG activity is tracked with record-specific audit trails Passwords and reasons can be enabled for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance Study results can be consolidated in a single XML file as needed Administrators may grant role-based permissions and study access to accounts

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