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Welch Allyn


Brand:   welchallyn
Condition:   New
The ELI 380 Resting ECG, with ERGO swivel and touchscreen display, is designed to make the total ECG experience more efficient—from decreasing the time required to perform the procedure, to increasing the accuracy and security of the data acquired, to the overall patient care experience. With a 180° swivel and 120° tilt capability (fixed display options available), ERGO moves with you so exams can be performed without leaving the patient’s side. The capacitive touchscreen makes navigation easy from any angle, and being calibration-free with a chemically strengthened glass surface, it’s a solution that was built to last. Additionally, automation is built into demographic entry and patient selection through download of orders or ADT, combined with use of a barcode scanner to select the right patient. And by eliminating a traditional keyboard, which has nooks and crannies in which bacteria can reside, you can promote a cleaner, safer environment for your patients and your staff.
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Streamlined barcode workflow eliminates steps and reduces manual entry Glass surfaces on capacitive touch keyboard and ERGO display simplify cleaning Follows ACC, AHA and HRS recommendations for baseline filtering (0.05 Hz) Exceed ACC, AHA and HRS upper frequency cutoff (300 Hz) for adults and children SECUR-it feature promotes safeguarding of patient health information (PHI) Mortara Critical Test Results help quickly identify high-risk patients

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