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Welch Allyn


Brand:   welchallyn
Condition:   New
Welch Allyn Connex Vitals Management Software works in conjunction with the Connex Vital Signs Monitor to provide electronic vitals documentation directly into your electronic medical record (EMR). Vitals Management Software is the backbone that automates the vitals documentation process to eliminate manual steps and the errors that go with them by wirelessly sending patient vitals from the bedside directly into the patient chart. Helps to reduce handwritten notes, transcription errors, misidentified patients, and delays in getting vital signs into patient records. Clinicians throughout the facility can get immediate access to accurate patient vitals information anytime, anywhere, to help improve clinical decision-making and patient safety. Plus, clinicians can spend their time interacting with the patient instead of managing the device during rounds.
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Wide range of workflows, so you can customize it to the way your staff works Acts as a backup data repository with access to vital signs when the EMR is down Interfaces using industry-standard methods like HL7 to provide accurate results Enables you to customize interface and application to meet your facilities needs Helps to reduce errors by providing bidirectional patient identification Provides flexible HL7 and ADT interfaces for patient demographics Barcode-driven processes for accurate patient identification and safety Enables wired and wireless connectivity

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