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Welch Allyn


Brand:   welchallyn
Condition:   New
The Welch Allyn Connex Central Station brings the Connex Clinical Surveillance System together by providing clinicians with centralized, real-time status of all monitored patients at a glance. The Connex system can be integrated with your EMR, so intermittent vitals and continuous monitoring data are automatically documented into the patient chart giving clinicians immediate access to patient data. Additionally, patient alarms can be sent directly to your clinicians via the optional Alarm Notification Interface based on the IHE ACM standard, and compatible with leading paging and notification solutions such as Amcom® and Connexall®. Giving staff immediate access to accurate patient data anywhere in the facility maximizes both efficiency and patient safety.
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Unique numeric-based user interface replicates the Connex Vital Signs Monitor Review vital sign and continuous monitoring in tabular or graphical format Visual and audible indications from central station and hallway displays EMR integration helps to automatically document accurate patient vitals Leading technology, flexible settings and workflows help reduce nuisance alarms Supports up to 48 patients; multiple central stations can be networked together Intermittent vitals and continuous monitoring combine in a single patient record Intuitive review of retrospective patient data and trends

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