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Humphrey ZEISS HFA II 720i Perimeter

Brand:   Humphrey ZEISS HFA II
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
The Humphrey ZEISS HFA II 720i Perimeter includes all the features in the 700 Humphrey Field Analyzer series.
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Humphrey ZEISS HFA II 720i Perimeter The HFA II 720i offers blind spot monitoring and video monitor.Optional HFA Pro allows for the transfer of patient data within the office network. Sita standard, Sita fast, full threshold and fastpac come standard with all 700 series units. Includes Power Table and Upgraded Laser Jet Printer. Humphrey ZEISS visual field Analyzer HFA II 720i with printer and adjustable stand, manual’s and protective cover. The HFA II 720i Visual Field Analyzer is a Best-in-class, all-purpose model for low-volume practices. The patented Goldmann bowl, which is aspherically curved outside the 30° central area, allows a space-saving, compact design. The distance of the patient’s eye from the center of the bowl surface measures 30 cm exactly and complies with the Goldmann standard. All Goldmann stimulus sizes, from I to V, can be set with custom intensities. Fixation monitoring is performed in accordance with the Heijl-Krakau technique on a screen and, depending on the model, using gaze tracking and/or head vertex tracking. Vast examination potential. Both fast threshold tests and screening tests with clearly defined checkpoint grids are possible.

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6 months Parts and Labor