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Vision Systems Inc

Humphrey ZEISS HFA 735 Perimeter

Brand:   Humphrey ZEISS HFA
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
Vision Systems proudly presents the Humphrey ZEISS HFA 735 Perimeter.
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Humphrey ZEISS HFA 735 Perimeter The Humphrey ZEISS HFA 735 Perimeter, utilizes a computerized silent projection system to examine the patients visual field. Testing is performed with eleven test patterns with static threshold and screening strategies out to 90 degrees. A patented aspherically shaped bowl provides a compact ergonomic design to increase patient comfort. A video eye monitor enables the operator to align and monitor the patients eye position. STATPAC 2 expert system software compares test results to age- matched normative data. A CTR touch screen improves user operation. Data is stored via a 3 1/2 floppy. The Humphrey ZEISS HFA735 Perimeter includes an integrated hard drive, increasing storage capacity and patient data backup. The 735 Perimeter features Red on Blue testing, and comes standard with a keyboard.

Warranty & Returns

6 months Parts and Labor