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Haag-Streit BM-900 LED Slit Lamp

Haag-Streit BM-900 LED Slit Lamp

Brand:   Haag-Streit
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
For over 50 years the Haag-Streit BM 900 has held the highest standard in slit lamp microscopy.
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Haag-Streit BM-900 LED Slit Lamp LED Powered The new Haag-Streit BM-900 delivers the sharpest, brightest and the most well crafted slit lamp ever. Exclusively designed to with-hold Haag-Streit’s high quality standards and to match the well established tungsten light. It ensures the best details in diagnosis from the cornea to the retina. The new LED technology brings significant improvements to an eco-friendly environment. Due to the high lifetime of the LED illumination, no more bulbs have to be exchanged in future. Combined slit and background illumination control results in best ergonomics. Features Include: LED Powered Imaging Ready Cross Slide Mechanism Imaging Ready The imaging module IM 900 is always ready for the perfect image, all the time. The LED illumination ensures professionals get the best lighting for the smallest details. The Haag-streit BM-900 allows pivoting and fixed background illumination, giving the user flexibility to adjust the light to ensure the best details in all imaging applications on the slit lamp and with slit and background combination the new LED illumination slit lamp stays imaging ready. Cross Slide Mechanism Built with the best materials and constructed with the perfect design in mind. The cross slide mechanism gently moves both vertically and horizontally by Haag’s patented joystick and when it comes to smooth, effortless, non-straining movements Haag-Streit lamps continue to set their high standards. Illumination System Haag-Streit slit lamp illumination system has the brightest lighting, provides a tilting, rotating slit of up to 8 mm in length and width and all filter and slit controls are conveniently situated for ease of use. Also, as with the cross slide mechanism, have a silky smooth, effortless motion. Equipping you with the utmost flawless engineering only a Haag-Streit slit lamp can provide. Additional Features Two “workhorse” magnifications 10x and 16x Short observer to patient distance Excellent optics for fatigue-free daily use Last a lifetime- no light bulb changes- energy saving

Warranty & Returns

6 months Parts and Labor