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Canon RK-F1 Full Autorefractor Keratometer

Canon RK-F1 Full Autorefractor Keratometer

Brand:   Canon RK
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
The RK-F1 Full Autorefractor Keratometer simplifies the standard measurement procedure to just one step.
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Canon RK-F1 Full Autorefractor-Keratometer The RK-F1 Full Autorefractor Keratometer simplifies the standard measurement procedure to an unprecedented degree-all operations in just one step. With a press of the Start button, the RK-F1 automatically completes the entire series of steps for both eyes: alignment, measurement, and printout. The motorized optical head automatically aligns, acquires the readings, and then automatically moves over to the opposite eye to perform the same function. The unit can also be operated manually to acquire readings. Highlights Easy, Comfortable Operation The RK-F1 replaces the conventional joystick with a trackball and roller. Once the examinees pupil is visible in the monitor, you just press the start button to begin–and complete–measurements of refraction and keratometry. Wide Measurement Range The dioptric measurement range of -30D to +22D allows examination of strong myopia and other abnormalities for refraction. The radius of curvature extends from 5.5 mm to 10.0 mm for keratometry. Ergonomic Centralized Control Keys The layout of the operation panel makes the unit easy to use from either a seated or standing position. Control keys for each of the main functions are grouped together for your convenience. Corneal Periphery Measurement The peripheral keratometry mode provides accurate measurements for examining oblique astigmatism as well as for determining the best fit for a contact lens. The RK-F1 can be used to make a series of measurements at a 30 degree angle from the eye’s center along the attentive meridians. Motorized Chin Rest A motorized chin rest offers easy adjustment of the unit when beginning the eye examination. Retro-Illumination Through retro-illumination, the RK-F1 brings you a detailed view of the eye that is particularly useful for identifying cataracts, vitreous opacity, scars, and other serious eye problems.

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6 months Parts and Labor