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Vision Systems Inc
Bausch & Lomb Model 1 Ophthalmometer

Bausch & Lomb Model 1 Ophthalmometer

Brand:   Bausch & Lomb
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
Bausch & Lomb Model 1 Ophthalmometer from VSI from Vision Systems Inc.
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Bausch & Lomb Model 1 Ophthalmometer Bausch & Lomb Model 1 Ophthalmometer assures an accurate objective measurement of the corneal curvature, which is of great value – particularly in the examination of astigmatic refractive errors of the eye. In contact lens fitting, the measuring of the curvature of the cornea together with the inside curvature of the contact lens is considered important, so that the disparity between them is minimal. The achromatic and distortion-free optical system allows the examiner to observe perfect target images, free from spherical and chromatic aberration. The high-eyepoint eyepieces permit easy observation of the targets, even when the examiner may be wearing glasses. The circular fluorescent lamp provides daylight illumination of target images at the cornea which can be clearly observed in the telescope. The “coincidence” focusing method in the Bausch & Lomb Model 1 Ophthalmometer with its high degree of accuracy, provides for the rapid and accurate focusing of targets. The instrument is necessary to be rotated until the principal meridian is properly aligned. The major and minor meridians can then be measured without the further need of rotating the optical system saving much time and possible confusion.

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