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Sonomed Escalon
Diaton Tonometer

Diaton Tonometer

Brand:   Diaton
Condition:   New
Diaton Handheld Transpalpebral Tonometer for "Through the Lid" IOP Measurements, Battery, Case.
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MEASURE IOP THROUGH EYELID WITH NO CORNEAL CONTACT. Provides accurate IOP reading independent of corneal thickness in just a few seconds IDEAL FOR CASES WHERE STANDARD TONOMETRY CANNOT BE USED. Pediatric patients Chronic conjunctivitis Following LASIK, keratoprothesis, or other corneal surgery Corneal erosions or edema Eye trauma, including emergency room patients HANDHELD AND EASY TO USE. . Easy to use in either sitting or reclined position. No corneal contact, no anesthesia required, no need to remove contact lenses, no need for sterilization, and no patient discomfort or anxiety.

Additional Information

Delivered complete, ready to use. No need to purchase tip or overs. Pre-calibrated.

Tech Specs

SPECIFICATIONS Measurement range, mm Hg 5-60 Measurement error Limit of the admissible measurement error in the range, not more: from 5 to 20 mm Hg - ±2 mm Hg; from 20 to 60 mm Hg - ±10% The time of a single measurement, s, not more 3 Supply voltage, V 3 Number of measurements using one battery set, not less 1500 Service life, not less 8 Weight, g 89 Dimensions, mm, not more 174 x 26 x 20

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1 year warranty