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Sonomed Escalon
2Win Mobile Binocular Refractometer

2Win Mobile Binocular Refractometer

Brand:   Adaptica
Condition:   New
2Win Binocular Mobile Refractometer and Vision Analyzer, InfraRed Occluder, 2x Rechargable Batteries, USB Cable, Auto Measurement of Tropias and Phorias (CR Package), Carry Case.
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Functions as visual analyzer Binocular refractometer that measures both eyes at the same time, simulating real life vision conditions Measures myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other amblyogenic factors Measures sight anomalies that may be related to anisometropia, anisocoria, strabismus, phoria. HANDHELD AND EASY TO USE. Works just like a camera - just point and shoot! IDEAL FOR CHALLENGING PATIENTS. Infants, children, elderly, impaired, and non-cooperative patients

Additional Information

Extended Range Refraction and Zoom [EZ-App] The 2WIN measures spherical power in the range of -15D to +15D, being the only mobile, hand-held instrument to provide such extended measurement range. The 2WIN measurement principle is eccentric photo-retinoscopy. InfraRed (IR) light is projected through the patient pupils and onto the retina. Depending upon the refractive error, the reflected light forms a specific crescent-shaped brightness pattern within the pupil. The 2WIN measures spherical power, cylinder power and axis by interpreting the reflected light crescent pattern and position. Corneal Reflexes Application [CR-App] Thanks to the “Analysis of Corneal Reflexes”, the 2WIN can help your daily work by automating the analysis of refraction with a documented information of phorias and tropias (horizontal and vertical). This application provides complete information regarding the position of corneal reflexes. Key Features Extended measurement range Fully automated Binocular refraction Pupil diameter Dynamic pupilometry Check of lens correction Lens centering on spectacle frames Fully automated and easy to use Operates at 1 m (3’ 3”) or 66cm (intermediate distance) Fast measurement Handheld and light weight Battery operated Allows the early detection of refractive errors Ideal with infants, children and non-cooperative patients No drops required Connect to IR printer Customizable with additional features

Tech Specs

Operating mode: binocular/monocular Refraction Measurement: Automatic Sphere range: +15, -15 D, step 0.25 D Cylinder range: +5, -5 D, step 0.25 D Cylinder axis: 1° – 180°, step 1° Pupil size: Automatic detection, 4-7 mm, step 0.1 mm Pupil distance: Automatic detection, 30-120 mm, step 1 mm Fixation target: Built-in Acoustic target: Built-in Working distance: 1 m ± 5 cm Data Interface: Wi-Fi, USB, microSD card Printer interface: USB, Infrared (irda) Power: rechargeable battery Battery charger: 110-220 Vac, 0.5 A Size: 165x130x98mm Display: 3.5’’ Weight: 840 g (30 oz) Options/Accessories: portable wireless printer, supplementary battery, battery-charger, metal case, Wi-Fi connectivity

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