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Philips Heartstart FR3

Philips Heartstart FR3

Brand:   Philips
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
The HeartStart FR3 is Philips best professional-grade AED with advanced features for the professional responder.
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Philips Heartstart FR3 Features The HeartStart FR3 is Philips best professional-grade AED with advanced features for the professional responder. The FR3 reduces deployment time by eliminating steps and helps you start the right therapy on your patient faster. Easy to use so you’re fast to respond The FR3 is fast to use with peel and place SMART Pads III that are suitable for adults and children. It’s small, lightweight and can be maneuvered in tight places. Quick Shock reduces the time between hands-off and shock delivery. And responders can quickly disconnect the FR3 and reconnect to the HeartStart MRX for a fast hands-off to the next level of care. Built to endure and designed for flexibility The FR3 is built for harsh environments. It is tested to stringent military standards, meets IP55 rating for protection against dust and jetting water and passes a 1,100 pound crush test. It’s rechargeable battery option provides up to 100 shocks and 3 hours of monitoring time. Plus, FR3 is a highly flexible platform so you can configure it for a wide range of current and evolving protocols. Strong>Rich clinical information to drive patient care Automatically powers on by opening the Philips HeartStart FR3 carry case so you can focus on pad placement from the start Infant/Child Key automatically decrease the defibrillation therapy and implement the configured infant/child CPR protocols Smallest and lightest professional-grade AED among leading global manufacturers Bright, high-resolution color LCD makes the FR3 easier to use in a noisy environment Pre-connected peel and place SMART Pads III with no foil pouch to reduce deployment time 5-Year Factory Warranty from Philips Healthcare. Philips Heartstart FR3 Specifications Size with external paddles 12.4” (W) x 7.7” (D) x 13.4” (H) (313 mm x 195 mm x 340 mm) “/mm) Size without external paddles 12.4” (W) x 7.7” (D) x 11.7” (H) (313 mm x 195 mm x 295 mm) “/mm Weight 13.2 lbs. (6 kg): base unit with 1 battery/pads and pads cable. 13 lbs. (5.9 kg) with optional 75 mm strip chart printer. Paddle tray and external standard paddles add less than 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg). Carrying case adds 4.1 lbs. (1.86 kg). lbs/kg Defibrillation Waveform: Truncated Exponential Biphasic.Waveform parameters adjusted as a function of patient impedance. Output Energy: Manual (selected): 1-10/15/20/30/50/70/100/120/150/170/200 Joules into a 50 Ohm load AED Mode (single energy output): 150 Joules into a 50 ohm load. Joules/Ohm Charge Time: Less than 5 seconds to 200 Joules with a new/ fully charged lithium ion battery at 25o C Shock Delivery: Via multifunction defib electrode pads or paddles Shock-to-Shock Cycle Time: Typically less than 20 seconds seconds Minimum Patient Impedance Range: 15 Ohm (internal defibrillation); 25 Ohm (external defibrillation) Ohm Maximum Patient Impedance Range: 180 Ohm Ohm AED Mode: Shock advisory sensitivity and specificity meet AAMI DF-39 guide- lines Environmental & physical requirements Solids/Water resistance: IP24 Operating temperature: 0o - 45o C (32o - 113o F) ° C/° F Storage temperature: -20 - 70o C (-4o - 158o F) ° C/° F Operating humidity: 0% to 95% relative % Operating altitude: 0 to 15000 ft (0 to 4500 m) ft/m Storage altitude: 0 to 15000 ft (0 to 4500 m) ft/m Battery Type: 6.3 Ah, 14.8 V, rechargeable lithium ion Ah/V Dimension: 6.5” (H) x 3.8” (W) x 1.6” (D) (165 mm x 95 mm x 42 mm) “/mm Weight: 1.6 lb. (0.73 kg) lb/kg Charge Time: Approximately 3 hours from fully depleted to 100%. 90 minutes from fully depleted to 80% hours/% Capacity(b): At least 3.5 hours of continuous 12-lead ECG/SpO2 and CO2 monitoring. With NBP every 15 minutes and pacing at 180 ppm at 160 mA on one new fully charged battery. hours