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Orthoscan FD-OR Mini C-Arm

Orthoscan FD-OR Mini C-Arm

Brand:   Orthoscan
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
OrthoScan introduces FD-OR, the first mini c-arm with a flat detector.
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Orthoscan FD-OR Features OrthoScan introduces FD-OR, the first mini c-arm with a flat detector. This flat detector design and compact form factor allows optimal positioning in the surgical environment. Exceptional image quality by increased grayscale improves diagnostic accuracy. User-driven design allows optimal image quality with minimal effort. Surgical lights on the undersurface of the x-ray source reduce shadows by providing primary light in the surgical field, illuminating anatomical detail. Thinnest Flat Detector at 2.5” Over-Rotation up to 150° Surgical LED Lights located on the bottom of the tube head Bilateral Sterile Field Controls conveniently located on each side of the tube head assembly Exceptional Image Quality showing the fine details of relevant anatomy Flat Detector Technology Small and Lightweight Orthoscan FD-OR Specifications Dimensions Weight: 400 lb Height: 44.5” Footprint (W x L): 27” x 33” C-Arm Free Space: 13.8” Arc Depth: 19” Pivot: 430° Lateral Rotate (Wig-Wag): 320° Orbital Rotate: 150° Vertical Range: 34” Distance to Cabinet: max 68” Distance to Wheel Base: max 45” Detector Detector Resolution: 2 k x 1.5 k Detector Size: 15.0 cm x 12.0 cm Useful Array: 15.0 cm x 12.0 cm Pixel Spacing: 75 microns Dose Rate: AKR, DAP X-Ray Monoblock Focal Spot: 50 microns kV Range: 40 – 78 kVp mA Range: 0.04 – 0.160 mA Imaging Surgical LED Lights: Yes Sterile Field Controls: Bilateral Start Up Time: 30 sec Temporary Image Hold: 512 images Cine Loop Frame Rate: 30 fps Snapshot Capabilities: Yes Edge Enhancement: Yes Post Process Brightness/Contrast: Yes Adaptive Noise Suppression: Automatic Manual Noise Suppression: 4 Modes Laser Alignment: Yes Multifunction Wireless Foot Switch: Capable