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Drager Savina Ventilator

Drager Savina Ventilator

Brand:   Drager
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
Advanced, high-quality ICU ventilator that offers excellent ventilation performance combined with easy operation.
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Dräger Savina Ventilator Features Advanced, high-quality ICU ventilator that offers excellent ventilation performance combined with easy operation Designed for both adult and pediatric ventilation, the Savina provides advanced therapy at any acuity level Comprehensive safety concept Increased flexibility Supports the recovery process at every stage Simple and effective user interface Dräger Savina Ventilator Specifications Ventilation Modes IPPV (CMV), IPPVAssist (CMVAssist) SIMV, SIMVASB (SIMV/PS) CPAP, CPAPASB (CPAP/PS) BIPAP1), (PCV+) (optional), BIPAP)ASB (PCV+/PS) (optional) Enhancements NIV – Non Invasive Ventilation with optimized alarm system and automatic leakage compensation (optional) AutoFlow® Automatic adaptation of the inspiratory flow in volume orientated ventilation modes (optional) LPO - Low Pressure Oxygen. Independant oxygen supply, e.g. with an O2 concentrator (optional) Graphic screen - Advanced ventilation monitoring (optional) Nurse call - Connection for transmitting alarm signals to a central alarm system (optional) General Patient type Adult, pediatric Ventilation frequency 2 to 80 bpm Inspiration time 0.2 to10 s Tidal volume 0.05 to 2.0 L, BTPS2) Inspiratory flow 0 to180 L/min Inspiratory pressure 0 to 99 mbar (cmH2O) PEEP/interm. PEEP 0 to 35 mbar (cmH2O) Pressure support/ASB 0 to 35 mbar (cmH2O) (relative to PEEP) Flow acceleration 5 to 200 mbar/s (cmH2O/s) O2-concentration 21 to100 Vol. % Trigger sensitivity 1 to15 L/min Minute volume (MV) Total MV, spontaneous MV 0 to 99 L/min, BTPS Tidal volume VT Inspiratory VT, expiratory VT 0 to 3999 mL, BTPS Breathing frequency Total and spontaneous breathing frequency, 0 -150 bpm Inspiratory O2-concentration 21 to100 Vol. % Breathing gas temperature 18 to 48 °C (sensor optional) Curve displays Airway pressure / time, flow / time Ventilation ratio (I:E) 150:1 to 1:15002

Additional Information

General Information About Ventilators Mechanical Ventilation Use of a machine to induce alternating inflation and deflation of the lungs with air Regulates Oxygen/CO2 levels in blood Volume and Pressure of Air forced into Lungs is controlled Has to meet varying demands of patient ventilation Modes of Ventilation Volume control Pressure control CPAP/BIPAP Support Ventilation Combination Of Modes Intermittent mandatory Ventilation Components of Ventilator System Compressed Gas Source Patient Breathing Circuit Mixer/Blender Hoses Optional monitoring O2 Volume Classification Driving Mechanism Pneumatic (Mark 7) Electronic (Siemens 900C)Function Respirators: Short time ventilator support Conventional Ventilators :long term, advance Support Portability Transport/battery backup Patients Adult Pediatric Or Neonatal Technologies and Jargon Turbine technology High frequency Oscillatory ventilation Modes IMV, SIMV, PC, VC, S/T etc. MRI Compatible (Non ferromagnetic components) Flow Sensors- Volume Measurements Pressure transducers