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Drager Isolette TI500 Incubator

Drager Isolette TI500 Incubator

Brand:   Drager
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
The Isolette TI500 Transport Incubator from Dräger Medical is a self-contained, mobile, intensive care unit.
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Dräger Isolette TI500 Features The Isolette TI500 Transport Incubator from Dräger Medical is a self-contained, mobile, intensive care unit. Consistent air temperature is essential to the health of a premature infant. The Isolette TI500 Transport Incubator has a double wall design which reduces radiant heat loss from the infant during transport between departments or between hospitals. Double wall Skin temperature probe O2 inlet Examination lamp 2 access doors 2 disposable infant restraint straps 1 Iris port 2 Quiet Touch™ port doors 6 tubing ports Locking power control receptacles DC cable 2D or 2E size tank mount Dräger Isolette TI500 Specifications Dimensions Height: 20 in (50.8 cm) Width: 20.8 in (52.7 cm) Length: 37.8 in (95.9 cm) Weight: 108.5 lbs (49.2 kg) Distance From Vertical Hood to Mattress: Low Hood 8.25 in (21 cm) General O2 Concentration Range: 21% to 58% minimum Humidity Capacity: 50% to 70% Noise Level: <60 dBA Performance Temperature Set Range: 22.0 °C - 38 °C (71 °F - 100 °F) Temperature Rise Time: 30 minutes Temperature Variability: ≤1.0 °C Temperature Overshoot: ≤2.0 °C Temperature Uniformity: ≤1.0 °C Correlation of Display Temperature to Set Point at Temperature Equilibrium: ≤ 2.0 °C in l0-20 °C ambients ≤1.5 °C in 20-30 °C ambients Humidity Pad: Holds 400 ml.(14 oz) sterile distilled water with no significant spillage for up to 45° tilt in either direction. Air Filter: Removes >99% of airborne particles greater than 0.5 micron diameter Relative Humidity: 50 to 70% for 10-12 hours using humidity pad Check Calibration Key: 36.0 ° ± 0.l °C Battery Incubator: 1 battery standard (2nd optional) Type: Vented rechargeable, 12 Vdc, 24 AH gel-type battery (lead acid) Battery rating: Incubator maintains a differential of 25 °C (77 °F) between ambient and set point for 90 minutes on 1 battery or 180 min.on 2 batteries at full heater power Life expectancy: 200 complete charge/discharge cycles minimum Charge time: 10 hours per battery from full discharge