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Drager Infinity Delta XL

Drager Infinity Delta XL

Brand:   Drager
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
With the Infinity Delta XL monitor, standardization without compromise is a reality.
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Drager Infinity Delta XL Features With the Infinity Delta XL monitor, standardization without compromise is a reality. Finally, all departments can have what they need to support their complete monitoring requirements – all with the same monitor. You determine your specific requirements, including parameter choices, waveform colors and positions, and alarm limits – either by patient or throughout your unit. Infinity Docking Stations can store these settings, so all monitors docked on them can reflect your configuration choices automatically. Because Infinity Delta XL supports all acute care environments, you can standardize on one monitor hospital-wide. The Delta XL has a 12.2” (310mm) color screen and displays 6 channels standard (8 optional). Eliminates the need for separate transport monitors Works as a standalone device or connects to Infinity Network via Infinity Docking Station, DirectNet or optional wireless adapter for seamless wired to wireless networking Parameter scales using Infinity pods and software options Drager Infinity Delta XL Specifications ECG Displays up to 12 leads Measuring range: 15 to 300 bpm Accuracy: ± 2 bpm or ± 1% (whichever is greater) QRS Detection Range Amplitude: 0.5 to 5 mV Duration: Adult and pediatric: 70 to 120 msec Neonatal: 40 to 120 msec Alarms: User-selectable upper and lower limits Pacer detection: Leads: I, II or III (adult/pediatric): Amplitude: ± 2 to ± 700 mV Width (dp): 0.2 to 2.0 msec Accessories: 3-, 5- or 6-lead electrode set or 12-lead pod ST (not intended for neonates) Available leads: With 3-lead ST option: Choice of any 3 available leads With ARIES option: Up to 12 leads ST complex length: 892 msec (-300 to +600 msec from fiducial point) Sample rate: 225 samples/sec Frequency response: 0.05 – 40 Hz Isoelectric measurement point Measuring range: Start of ECG complex to fiducial point Default: QRS onset – 28 msec ST measurement point Adjustment range: Fiducial point to end of ECG complex Point default: QRS offset +80 msec Update interval: 15 sec, 1 normal beat required Resolution: ± 0.1 mm Trends: Graphical, tabular and graphical mini-trends INOP Alarm: Yes Upper and lower ST alarms: ± 15 mm, ± 0.1 mm increments Arrhythmia Detection Adult and Pediatric: Yes Neonatal: No ARR Mode User: Selectable; OFF, Basic or Advanced Basic ARR (standard): Asystole, ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia and artifact (ARR label displayed to register arrhythmia occurrence) Advanced ARR (option): Ventricular run, accelerated idioventricular rhythm, supra-ventricular tachycardia, couplet, bigeminy, tachycardia, bradycardia, pause and also supports PVC/min parameter output. Respiration Sensing leads: I, II (user-selectable) Measuring method: Impedance pneumography Auxiliary current: ≤ 10mA for any active electrode Detection threshold: 0.15W to 4.0W in manual mode (user adjustment) 0.2W to 1.5W in auto mode: (automatic adjustment) Measuring range: 0 to 155 breaths per min Accuracy: ± 1 breath/min or 2% of rate (whichever is greater) Apnea detection: For neonatal and pediatric patients Alarms: User-selectable upper and lower respiration rate Pulse Oximetry (SpO2) SpO2 Algorithm: Masimo® SET® (Signal Extration Technology) Masimo provides the industry “gold standard” for motion tolerant Pulse oximetry. SpO2 Algorithm: NellcorTM OxiMaxTM SpO2 Algorithm: Dräger’s OxiSure® SpO2