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Drager Babylog 8000 Plus

Drager Babylog 8000 Plus

Brand:   Drager
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
The Dräger Babylog 8000 Plus Neoventilator is intended for the ventilation of premature babies, newborns, and infants with a body weight of up to 20 kg.
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Dräger Babylog 8000 Plus Features The Dräger Babylog 8000 Plus Neoventilator is intended for the ventilation of premature babies, newborns, and infants with a body weight of up to 20 kg. Sensitive, accurate synchronization and continuous adaptation features work together to provide the necessary ventilator support. The Volume Guarantee (VG) feature combines the advantages of pressure and volume controlled ventilation. The constant, preset tidal volume is maintained regardless of the strength of spontaneous breathing or changes in respiratory lung conditions. Volume Guarantee ensures sufficient ventilation while avoiding the risk of volutrauma. Allows optimal levels of spontaneous breathing Facilitates the weaning process and protects the baby from adverse effects such as volutrauma or atelectasis Dräger Babylog 8000 Plus Specifications Controls Control principle Continuous flow, pressure-limited,time-cycled Conventional ventilation IMV/IPPV, CPAP Triggered ventilation IMV, SIPPV, PSV1), Leak adapted Trigger Flow/volume trigger, Leak adapted Trigger delay approx. 30 ms High Frequency Ventilation1) 3) CPAP+HFV, IMV+HFV Frequency 5 to 20 Hz Volume Gurantee Ventilation1) SIMV+VG, SIPPV+VG, PSV+VG Oxygen mixer loss (bleed flow) 0 (zero) L/min Settings Inspiratory Oxygen concentration 21 -100 vol. % oxygen Peak inspiratory pressure 10 to 80 mbar PEEP/CPAP 0 to 25 mbar Maximal frequency 200 bpm2) Inspiratory time 0.1 to 2 seconds Expiratory time 0.2 to 30 seconds Inspiratory flow 1 to 30 L/min Base flow (VIVE) 1 to 30 L/min Monitoring Flow Monitoring at the Y-piece, integrated Volume Monitoring at the Y-piece, integrated Lung function monitoring Compliance, resistance C20/C, time constant FiO2 Monitoring integrated Real-time curves Flow and pressure, integrated Inspiratory Oxygen concentration 21 -100 vol. % oxygen Peak Pressure to 99 mbar Mean Airway Pressure to 99 mbar Graphic trends 6 parameters, integrated Logbook record of last 100 alarms

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General Information About Ventilators Mechanical Ventilation Use of a machine to induce alternating inflation and deflation of the lungs with air Regulates Oxygen/CO2 levels in blood Volume and Pressure of Air forced into Lungs is controlled Has to meet varying demands of patient ventilation Modes of Ventilation Volume control Pressure control CPAP/BIPAP Support Ventilation Combination Of Modes Intermittent mandatory Ventilation Components of Ventilator System Compressed Gas Source Patient Breathing Circuit Mixer/Blender Hoses Optional monitoring O2 Volume Classification Driving Mechanism Pneumatic (Mark 7) Electronic (Siemens 900C)Function Respirators: Short time ventilator support Conventional Ventilators :long term, advance Support Portability Transport/battery backup Patients Adult Pediatric Or Neonatal Technologies and Jargon Turbine technology High frequency Oscillatory ventilation Modes IMV, SIMV, PC, VC, S/T etc. MRI Compatible (Non ferromagnetic components) Flow Sensors- Volume Measurements Pressure transducers