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Curlin 4000 Plus Infusion Pump

Curlin 4000 Plus Infusion Pump

Brand:   Curlin Medical
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
The Curlin 4000 Plus Pump is a multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump designed and manufactured for pain management or labor and delivery in hospitals.
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Curlin 4000 Plus Infusion Pump Features The Curlin 4000 Plus Pump is a multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump designed and manufactured for pain management or labor and delivery in hospitals. The Curlin 4000 Plus Pump is an easy-to-use, ambulatory or pole mounted infusion device designed to meet the needs of the hospital or alternate site patient. It operates accurately in any position, has a low rate resolution of 2 microliters, and its small, compact, lightweight design allows mobility for ambulatory patients. The Curlin Medical pump can be carried in any of the four convenient carryall soft-packs, pole mounted, placed into the locked “safety shells,” or set on a suitable surface for use. Continuous Infusion—Designed to allow a constant, programmed rate of infusion. PCA or Patient Controlled Analgesia—Designed for therapies that require a continuous rate of infusion, patient-controlled demand boluses, or both. TPN with Automatic Ramping—Designed to allow a level rate of infusion of parenteral nutritional products with the option of tapering at the beginning, end, or both beginning and end of the infusion. This mode also has an early ramp-down feature. Intermittent Delivery—Designed to deliver programmed intervals and rates of specified amounts of infuses and to optionally deliver small amounts of the infuscate between doses to keep the patient’s access site patent. Variable Program—Designed to allow varying amounts, rates, and times of delivery of infusions up to twentyfour specified programs.

Additional Information

General Information About IV Therapy IV Therapy IV therapy is used to deliver by infusion, fluids, medication, or nutrients to patients. There are two main types of administration of infusion, volumetric and syringe/PCA. IV Therapy-Volumetric These pumps are used when the accuracy of fluid volume to be infused is critical such as in the case of medications used for infusion of drugs for circulatory support. Volumetric pumps deliver a given volume of fluid per unit time measured in mL/hour. Volumetric pumps can be single or multi channel. Both types allow for the administration of more than one fluid at a time. Single channel employs a piggyback method while multi-channel uses separate tubing set up for the administration of multiple medications or fluids IV Therapy-Syringe Syringe pumps are used to administer small volumes of fluids or medications. (1 mL to 60 mL syringe) Syringe pumps are an effective way to deliver medication with precision while reducing the chance of human error if the medication were to be administered by a member of the medical staff* (of course human error can occur when inputting data or choosing dose rate over time) Like volumetric pumps, syringe pumps can be programmed to deliver the medication over a predetermined time