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Covidien McGRATH MAC

Covidien McGRATH MAC

Brand:   Covidien
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
The Covidien McGRATH® MAC can be used as a direct or indirect view laryngoscope.
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Covidien McGRATH MAC Features The Covidien McGRATH® MAC can be used as a direct or indirect view laryngoscope. It utilizes all new single-use McGRATH® MAC blades made from robust optical polymer. It’s supported by an internal reinforced alloy chassis and CameraStick™ which delivers ‘steel-like’ rigidity. Its super-slim blade profile brings improved patient access and limits dental contact. Its unique, minute-by-minute countdown battery technology can last for weeks. Easy to clean: The screen and handle are fully immersible for high-level disinfection, and compatible with the latest vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization systems. Slim Blade: The slim blade profile provides improved patient access. Blades are packaged sterile and are disposable. Portable: The compact, cable-free device is ready when you need it. Durable: Drop-tested to 2 meters, the core of the McGRATH® MAC enhanced direct laryngoscope is reinforced with a steel alloy chassis. Cost-effective: The surprisingly affordable system and blades make the McGRATH® MAC enhanced direct laryngoscope as accessible as your conventional laryngoscope, with the flexibility of video laryngoscopy. Covidien McGRATH MAC Specifications Physical Specifications Size: 180mm x 68mm x 110mm Weight: 200g Power: Proprietary 3.6V Lithium Battery Pack (c. 250 minutes) Light source: High intensity LED Display: 2.5” LCD color display Camera: CMOS Materials: Durable medical grade thermoplastics with reinforced structural alloy core. The device and packaging are latex free