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Axia TRIA Touch Screen

Axia TRIA Touch Screen

Brand:   Axia
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
The Axia TRIA is a new and intuitive approach to patient vital signs measurements.
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Axia TRIA Touch Screen Patient Monitor The Axia TRIA is a new and intuitive approach to patient vital signs measurements. The TRIA can be configured to measure any combination of: non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, rapid temperature and capnography (EtCO2). The TRIA is well suited for any patient care area by offering a multitude of vital sign combinations. The TRIA can be used as a basic pulse oximeter or configured to a NIBP / SpO2 / Temp spot check monitor. The TRIA can also be configured to be a stand alone capnograph or a combination capnograph SpO2 / NIBP monitor. The TRIA is well suited for bed side and mobile spot check use. Touch screen Simple interface Intuitive Long life Lithium Battery Mobile (Backup battery powered) Portable (weight 1.71 lbs) Color waveforms Applications: Neonatal, pediatric and adult patients Axia TRIA Touch Screen Specifications Dimensions Size: 8 x 4.5 x 4 (HxWxD inches) Weight: 2.5 LBS Performance Specifications Display: 5.0 inch (Diagonal) color TFT Resolution: 800 × 3(RGB) × 480 Trace: 2 waveforms Waveforms: PLETH, ETCO2 Indicator: Alarm Indicator, Power indicator, Pulse beep and alarm sound Trend time: From 1 to 72 hours SPO2 ASpO2: Anti-motion SpO2 SpO2% Range: 0 ~ 100% SpO2 Accuracy: ±2% (70 ~ 100%,non-motion), ±3% (70 ~ 100%, motion) Pulse Rate Range: 30-250 bpm Pulse Rate Accuracy: ±2 bpm(non-motion), ±3 bpm (motion) Alarm Upper-lower Limit: Upper limit 70 ~ 100%, Lower limit 70 ~ 100% bpm (motion) SpO2 Probe:Red light LED wavelength: 660nm±5nm, Infrared light LED wavelength: 940nm±10nm Standards: Meets performance of EN ISO 9919:2015 NIBP Measuring Technology: Automatic oscillating measurement Cuff Inflating: <30s (0 ~ 300 mmH, standard adult cuff) Measuring Period: AVE<40s Mode: Manual, Auto, STAT in AUTO Mode: 2 min ~ 4 hrs Pulse Rate Range: 30 bpm ~ 250 bpm Measuring Range: Adult/Pediatric Mode, SYS: 40 ~ 250 (mmHg),DIA: 15 ~ 200 (mmHg), Neonatal Mode, SYS: 40 ~ 135 (mmHg), DIA: 15 ~ 100 (mmHg) Resolution:1mmHg Pressure Accuracy: Maximum Mean error: ±5mmHg Deviation: 8mmHg Overpressure Protection: Adult Mode: 280(mmHg), Neonatal Mode: 150 (mmHg) Alarm Limit: SYS: 50 ~ 240 mmHg, DIA: 15 ~ 180 mmHg Standards: Meets performance standards ANSI/AAMI SP10:2002 ETCO2(OPTION) Mode of Sampling: Sidestream or Mainstream Principle of Operation: Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) single beam optics, dual wavelength, no moving parts. CO2 measurement Range: 0 to 150 mmHg (0 to 19.7%, 0 to 20 kPa) CO2 Calculation Method: BTPS (Body Temperature Pressure Saturated) CO2 Resolution: 0.1mmHg (0-69mmHg),0.25mmHg (70-150mmHg) CO2 Accuracy: 0 ~ 40 mmHg ± 2 mmHg, 41 ~ 70 mmHg ± 5% of reading, 71 ~ 100 mmHg ± 8% of reading, 101 ~ 150 mmHg ± 10% of reading, Above 80 breath per minute ± 12%of reading Sampling rate:100Hz Respiration Rate: 2 ~ 150 bpm Respiration Rate accuracy: ±1 breath Response Time: <3 seconds -includes transport time and rise time Measurement Range: 3 ~ 50 mmHg Standards: Meets performance standards of ISO/ FDIS 21647:2004 (E) Networking Wired Networking:Industry standard: 802.11b/g wired network, Frequency Range: 2.412 ~ 2.484 GHz Connected bedside number: Up to 16 bedside monitors Wireless Networking: Up to 100m indoors, Industry standard 802.11b/g wireless Supports TCP/IP and UDP/IP Protocols Power Source: External AC power or internal battery AC Power: 100 ~ 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 150VA Battery: Built-in and lithium Ion rechargeable, 12.6V/5Ah Charge Time: 8 hours Operating Time: 3 hours Fuse 3.15A/250V LCD Specifications Display Type: TFT color LCD Size (diagonal): 5.0 inch Active Area: 152.4 (W) × 91.44 (H) mm Color arrangement: RGB-stripe Dot pitch: 0.0635(W) × 0.1905(H) mm Display Mode: Normally white, Transmissive Interface: Digital (TTL) Surface: Treatment: Anti-Glare Touchscreen Specifications Type: Four-Wire Analog Resistive Touch Panel Input Mode: Stylus Pen or Finger Connector:FPC Insulation resistance: 25MΩ : 7VDC Chattering: 10ms Transparency: 80% Surface hardness: 3H Durability-surface scratching: Write 100,000 Active force: 80gf Knock Test: 1,000,000 times Rapid Temperature (Option) Measurement Range: 30°C to 43°C (86°F to 109°F) Typical Measurement Times: Oral (Quick Mode): 3-5 seconds (non-fever temps) (after insertion into measurement site): 8-10 seconds (fever temps), Oral (Standard Mode): 6-10 seconds Axillary Mode: 8-12, Rectal Mode: 10-14 seconds, Direct Mode (All Sites): 60-120 seconds Pulse Timer: 60 Second count with a “beep” at 15 seconds, 2 “beeps” at 30 seconds, 1 “beep” at 45 seconds, and 2 “beeps”at 60 seconds Patient Accuracy: A Standard Prediction Mode reading and a Direct Mode reading will differ by less than ±0.2°C (±0.4°F) on 98% of tested patients Batteries: Four “AA” Required, Standard IEC package size. Alkaline --1.5 Volt, Approx. 6000 temperature readings Standards: Meets performance standards of EN 12470-3:2000 and ASTM E1112:2006 Safety Meet the requirement of EN60601 series, CE marking according to MDD93/42/EEC Type of Protection: Class I (on AC power) , internally powered equipment (on battery power):Per I.E.C. 60601-1, clause 2.2.4 Degree of Protection: Type BF, defibrillator-proof CF - Applied part Sterilization or Disinfection methods: 70% isopropyl alcohol solution or a non staining disinfectant. Equipment not suitable for use in the Presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide Operation Mode: Continuous Protection Against Ingress of Liquids: IPXO