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SOMA Technology
Axia iCE 25 LED Surgical Lighting System

Axia iCE 25 LED Surgical Lighting System

Brand:   Axia
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
Newest LED technology to the Operating Room.
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More Axia iCE 25 Surgical Light Pictures iCE 25 Light - Soma Technology, Inc.iCE 25 Surgical Light - Soma Technology, Inc.iCE 25 Surgical Lighting System - Soma Technology, Inc. Axia iCE 25 Features Newest LED technology to the Operating Room. Designed for superior shadow control, increased depth of field and light intensity. They have a CRI of 95 and an R9 greater than 90, allowing surgeons to easily differentiate between tissues. The 4500K color temperature provides a crisp white light, without the color-fringing or color-shifting properties of multicolor LED’s, providing natural color to ensure that the surgical field remains clearly illuminated. 25” (64) diameter 52 LEDs 160,000 lux 7.6”-11” (19-28) light pattern Easy to Clean Thin and Lightweight Upgradeable and customizable Axia iCE 25 Specifications Performance Lighthead Diameter: in (cm) 25(64) Light Intensity (Central Luminance): lx (fc) 160,000(12,080) Brightness Control: % 5-100 Light Field Diameter: in (cm) 7.6-11 (19-28) Depth of Illumination (Ll+L2) at 60%: in (cm) 28.5-48.25 (72-123) Depth of Illumination (Ll+L2) at 20%: in (cm) 46.20(117) Color Rendering Index (Ra): 952 R9: >90 R13: 972 Color Temperature (Standard): K 4,5003 Shadown Dilution Single Mask: % 41 Double Mask: % 41 Cavity: % 100 Single Mask with Cavity: % 39 Double Mask with Cavity: % 39 General Number of LED’s (main): 52 Number of Other LED’s: 208 LED Service Life: hours 50,000 Total Radiant Power at Max Intensity: W/m2 519 Power Consumption at Lighthead: w @ 24 VDC 150 Electricity (VAC): Universal VAC Emergency Bypass: Yes Mounting Options: Ceiling, Wall Certificates: ETL, FDA