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Brand:   ASP
Condition:   SellerRefubrished
The STERRAD® 100NX™ System was designed to meet customer needs for a fast, versatile, and large sterilizer.
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ASP STERRAD 100NX Features The STERRAD® 100NX™ System was designed to meet customer needs for a fast, versatile, and large sterilizer. The STERRAD® 100NX System offers two cycle options: a 47-minute Standard cycle and a 42-minute Flex cycle. The sterilizer has the same footprint as the STERRAD® 100S System but stands 4 inches taller. Other advantageous features include an enlarged rectangular chamber, network connectivity, self-diagnostics, an easy-to-read touch screen, and a hydrogen peroxide monitor that measures concentration of H2O2. Safe Cassette Collection Box Easy-to-Load Sterilization Cassette Interactive Touch Screen Interface Sterilization Chamber Thermal Printer Ergonomic Footpad Large chamber capacity 24-minute EXPRESS Cycle for da Vinci® 3-D endoscopes, rigid telescopes and rechargeable batteries 42-minute Flex Cycle for many single-channel flexible endoscopes 47-minute Standard Cycle for most surgical instruments Can process a wide range of instruments including multiple single-channel flexible endoscopes, cameras, rigid scopes, light cords, batteries, and power drills ASP STERRAD 100NX Specifications Dimensions Dimensions (H x W x D)1791mm x 775 mm x 1020 mm Weight 425 kg single-door/ 457kg double-door Total Cycle Time Standard Cycle: 47 minutes Flex Cycle: 42 minutes Express Cycle (optional) 24 minutes DUO Cycle (optional): 60 minutes Cycle Temperature Less than 131° F / 55° C Sterilization Chamber Configuration: Regular Chamber Volume: 152 L Dimensions: 410mm x 510 mm x 755mm Two-Tiered Shelf: 425 mmx 700mm Installation & Electrical Requirements Connections: 380 - 415V 50/60Hz Power. The sterilizer requires a five-wire grounding outlet attached to a dedicated 330AMP, 3 phase, [200-240 VAC, 380-415V]±10%, 50/60Hz±5% circuit with separate neutral and ground conductors. Operational Environment Temperature: 18°C to 35° C Humidity: 10% to 85% up to 30°C, linearly decreasing from 85% at 30°C to 70% at 40°C (non-condensing) Independent Monitoring System (IMS) Enables remote, independent monitoring of all processes and is available as an option Barcode Reader Available as an option