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LongLife™ Project-O-Chart®

Brand:   LongLife™
Condition:   New
When it was first introduced, the Longlife Project-O-Chart set new standards for manual projectors and is currently the most popular manual projector among eye care professionals around the world.
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The LongLife Project-O-Chart delivers performance superior to other manual projection systems. Features include: Long bulblife, lasting ten times longer than incandescent bulbs Quick-change socket design replaces the old fashioned "push and twist" bulbs that break in your hands A bright, white, uniform illumination, ensuring consistent test results Pleasing design complements any office decor Superior Reichert-quality optics for bright, high-contrast images Simple installation - fits more existing mounts Vectographic Slides Reichert's vectographic slides create test situations that simulate normal binocular vision through the use of polarized iodine crystal characters in a binocularly viewed structure. This format facilitates fusion of the images cortically. Vectographic slides provide the ability to conduct a wide variety of tests for both children and adults. These include: Astigmatism tests Acuity tests Muscle balance tests (Fixation disparity) Acuity balance tests Tests to determine malingering Stereopsis tests Fixation disparity tests with or without paracentral fusion lock

Tech Specs

Catalog Numbers LongLife Project-O-Chart: 12084 LongLife Project-O-Chart (head only) 12094 Yoke (required) 11084 13.5 in. x 13.5 in. screen 11808 20 in. x 20 in. non-depolarizing screen 11143 Halogen Bulb Catalog Numbers MOUNTS: 12090 Table Mount 12091 Wall Mount 12092 Instrument Stand Mount 12096 Floor Stand