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Gilras GRK 7000 Autorefractor/Kerato

Gilras GRK 7000 Autorefractor/Kerato

Brand:   Gilras GRK
Condition:   New
Gilras GRK 7000 Autorefractor/Kerato With the thoughtfully designed GRK-7000, you can consecutively perform the measurement of corneal curvature and determine refractive power in one easy step. With the GRK-7000 auto-fogging mechanism, you can take multiple measurements without worrying about loss of accommodation. You’ll enjoy a wider measurement range as well. Measure contact lens base curvature, pupillary distance, vertex distance, pupil, cornea and iris size with ease and precision. A focusing indicator and real-time images on the 5.7 inch color LCD make operation simple and fast. With a compact, modern design and built-in printer, the GRK-7000 is an ideal choice. Best of all, you can connect the GRK-7000 to other Gilras units to create a Total Refraction System.
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GRK-7000 Auto Ref/Keratometer ▪ Accurate & Reliable Measurements ▪ Optimal Optical System ▪ Keratometery Measurement ▪ Auto Start ▪ More Advanced Functions ▪ Wider Measurement Range ▪ CLBC (Contact Lens Base Curvature) ▪ PD (Pupilarry Distance) ▪ VD (Vertex Distance) ▪ Pupil and Iris Size Measurement ▪ Well-Designed Ergonomics ▪ Focusing Indicator ▪ Convenient One-Touch Lock ▪ High Speed Printer ▪ Automatic Power-OFF ▪ Realization of a Total Refraction System Accurate & Reliable Measurements Optimal Optical System Gilras GRK-7000 utilizes a unique optic technology that offers fast and accurate readings that enhance the reliability of measurement results. Keratometery Measurement The GRK-7000 makes measurement a snap when determining the refractive and keratometric properties of the human eye. This high-tech instrument reports the patient's assessed eye power in one step by combining the auto-refractor / keratometer functions in a single mode. Auto Start In auto start mode, the GRK-7000 maintains fogging throughout testing, allowing multiple measurements to be taken. The unique auto fogging function greatly reduces the unwanted effect of patient accommodation. This is an optimal feature for patients and children who may find it difficult to fixate. More Advanced Functions Wider Measurement Range GRK-7000 provides more diagnostic information and superior performance with a wide possible range of refraction and keratometry measurements. CLBC (Contact Lens Base Curvature) The ability to measure the base curvature of contact lenses often proves to be helpful in clinical practice. PD (Pupillary Distance) PD is automatically measured after checking both eyes. This feature is a valuable time saver. VD (Vertex Distance) VD selection function (0, 12, 13.5, 15 mm) offers better accurate measurement data. Pupil and Iris Size Measurement The GRK-7000 can freeze an image and measure the size of the pupil, cornea and iris. Well-Designed Ergonomics 5.7 Inch Color LCD A 5.7 Inch Color LCD displays clear images and contains an image processing chip that allows the LCD to show real time images. Focusing Indicator The focusing indicator appears on the screen when the eye is the optimal position. This enables accurate user-friendly diagnostics that make the exam process easy and enjoyable. Convenient One-Touch Lock With the convenient one-touch lock, the main body can easily be fixed to the base. High Speed Printer The high speed printer prints out the final measurement results within 3 seconds. The printing paper can be changed easily by using the convenient one-touch paper hold. Automatic Power-Off The system automatically shuts off by itself to conserve energy and prevent overheating.

Warranty & Returns

One Year