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DGH-550 Pachette 2 Pachymeter

DGH-550 Pachette 2 Pachymeter

Brand:   DGH-550
Condition:   Used
DGH-550 Pachette 2 Pachymeter
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The DGH-550 PACHETTE 2 is designed for Glaucoma & LASIK Screening. Now CE Approved. Standard Features Simple to use. Turn on power and the Pachette 2 is ready to take measurements. Automatic measurement mode for operation without a foot switch. Obtains multiple measurements very rapidly at a single location. Simultaneously displays the current measurement and the average of all measurements taken. A single applanation automatically stores up to 50 measurements. Large 16 x 2 LCD character display allows easy visibility from a distance over a large viewing angle and in all lighting conditions. Optional Features Standard deviation calculation display (No Extra Cost) FLAP Option measures the flap down to as little as 95 microns. Mapping mode for obtaining actual and biased corneal mapped measurements. Printer interface for sending pachymetry data to a serial printer. Data transfer interface for sending pachymetry data to a personal computer.