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2Win Binocular Portable Refractometer/Vision Analyzer

2Win Binocular Portable Refractometer/Vision Analyzer

Brand:   2Win
Condition:   New
The smartest way to detect refractive errors and vision problems Ideal with infants, children and non-cooperative patients. It measures refraction and correction in natural vision conditions.
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2Win Binocular Portable Refractometer & Vision Analyzer Reading distance application The 2Win measures the patient´s refraction while reading at a distance of 66 cm (2"). In all those cases when reading at such distance proves difficult, the 2Win calculates the necessary additional power (ADD) to restore best vision. The reading distance application requires the use of an additional lens that is inserted in the central aperture of the 2Win; the additional lenstogether with a 66 cm reading chart completes the kit. Analysis of corneal reflexes This application provides complete information regarding the position of corneal reflexes. * Measurements are expressed either in prism diopters or degrees. * A black hand held filter is included and allows the 2Win infrared rays to pass through while blocking all visible light; therefore a reliable cover test is made possible. * When a deviation appers in the uncovered eye the output is ET: esotropia; XT: exotropia. * When a vertical deviation appears the output follows the same rules above exposed (HT: hypertopia; IT: ipotropia; hyperphoria; IP: ipophoria) Complete and objective assessment of the visual function. Early detection of refractive errors How to use the 2Win * Ambient light: a uniform dim light enviroment is necessary (not totally dark nor too bright) to achieve 3,5 to 6 mm pupil size; in addition make sure that no direct light hits the patient´s face and ensure uniform light on both eyes. * Stand or sit at 1 meter distance from the patient and firmly hold the 2Win horizontally with both hands. Instruct the patient to keep his/her eyes wide open, clear of eyelids or eyelashes, adn to fixate on the center of the camera. * The 2Win operates as a photo camera, thus proper focusing is necessary by slighfly moving the instrument forward and backword. * The green bar in the displays indicates when the ideal focal distance of 1 meter has been reached. Make sure the corneal reflexes appear as small and bright as possible. * Press and hold the START button to enter the focusing phase. Slightly adjust the distance looking at the corneal reflexes until the image comes into focus and the focus bar is green. * Release the START button and the 2Win autometically displays the measurements on the screen within approx. 3 seconds Technical specifications Operating mode: Binocular/monocular Refraction measurement: Automatic Sphere range: ±5D, precision 0.25D Cylinder range: ±5F, precision 0.25D Cylinder axis: 1º - 180º, step 1º Pupil size: Automatic detection, 4-7 mm, step 0.1 mm Pupil distance: Automatic detection, 30 - 120 mm, step 1 mm Fixation target: Built-in Acoustic target: Built-in Working distance: 1m ±5cm Data interface: Wi-Fi, USB, microSD card Print interface: USB, Infrared (irda) Power: Rechargeable battery Battery charger: 110-220 Vac, 0.5A Size: 165 x 130 x 98mm Display: 3.5" Weight: 840 g (30 oz) Options/Accessories: Portable wireless printer, supplementary battery, battery-charger, metal case, WiFi connectivity

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