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E30 Digital Portable EKG Machine

E30 Digital Portable EKG Machine

Brand:   E30
Condition:   New
Lightweight portable 12-lead, 3-channel ECG device with color graphic display for curves.
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Lightweight portable 12-lead, 3-channel ECG device with color graphic display for curves. It enables automatic and manual ECG recording at 80 mm thermosensitive paper. At the same time, it is possible to print a 3-channel recorder. Features and Benefits 4.3" color touch screen Data sampling of high resolution and high rate Innovative digital filter Innovative fast baseline correction algorithm (1-3s) Data storage of high resolution Real time print with a paper width of 80mm (3.15in) Automatic ECG analysis system

Additional Information

Materials Included E30 EKG Machine Unit (1) 10-Lead Patient Cable (1) Recording Paper Roll (80 mm x 20 mm) (100) Electrode Tabs (10) Alligator Clips (1) 11.1V/2000mAH Lithium Battery

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 3" Unit Weight: 4 lbs Display: 4.3" TFT LCD Resolution: 480 x 272 AC Power: 100V-240V; 50 Hz / 60 Hz Safety: Product Safety Type: Class I Type CF (There is difribrillation and pacing protection circuit.) Isolation Voltage: 4000V Enduring polarization voltage: ≥ ±500mV Environment Specifications: Operation Environment Temperature: +5°C ~ +40°C Relative Humidity: 15% ~ 85% Atmospheric Pressure: 700hPa ~ 1060hPa Store and Transportation Environment Temperature: +20°C ~ +55°C Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 93% Atmospheric Pressure: 500hPa ~ 1060hPa Storage: Internal Memory: 100 Groups ECG Data External Memory: SD Card or USB Technical: Lead: Standard 12 Leads Input Way: Floating and defribrillation protection Patient Leak Current: < 10 µA Input Impedance: ≥ 50 MΩ Frequency Response: 0.05Hz~150Hz (-3dB) Time Constant: Time Constant > 3.2s CMRR: ≥ 110dB (with AC Filter) Noise Level: ≤ 15µVp-p Heart Rate: HR Measurement Range: 30~350 bpm Accuracy: ± 1bpm (Average Time: 10s) Record: Recording Way: Thermal Printing System Recording Paper: 80 mm (Wide) Paper Type: Roll Resolution: Vertical: 8dot/mm Horizontal: 40dot/mm Paper Speed: 5,6,25,10,12.5,50mm/s Error: ± 3% Accuracy: ± 5% (X Axis) ± 5% (Y Axis) Record Format: Manual, Auto 4x3, Auto 3x4+1, Auto 3x4, Auto 2x6+1, Auto 2x6, Auto 3-2+1, Auto 3-2, Rhythm

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