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Detecto Digital Baby Scale

Detecto Digital Baby Scale

Brand:   Detecto
Condition:   New
Designed to be used with the utmost ease, Detecto's model 6745 can weigh even the most active baby.
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Designed to be used with the utmost ease, Detecto's model 6745 can weigh even the most active baby. With step-by-step instructions right on the keypad, there’s never any question about what to do next. The 6745 features lock-in weight ability, built-in battery charger for NiCad or NiMH batteries (15 hours charging time), a locking pin for easily removing the tray for cleaning, and sleep and auto shutoff modes to extend battery life. Detecto's model 6745 Digital Baby Scale has a lock-in weight feature which compensates for typical newborn movement. When weight stabilizes, it is “locked in” and displayed. The infant can be removed and its weight is retained. The scale features a built-in battery charger, battery or AC power, a built-in measuring tape, and a large 1.0” high transflective LCD display. Serial output allows the scale to be connected to a printer or PC. Features and Benefits Battery life is 250 continuous hours Alkaline / 80 continuous hours NiCad. Sleep and Auto Shutoff modes to extend battery life. Adjustable lock threshold. Color-coded keypad with instructions. Acceleration of gravity compensation. Standard serial output for use with a computer or printer. Easy cleanup.

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications Capacity: 30 lb x 0.1 oz / 15 kg x 0.005 kg Tray Size: 26” W x 12.188” D / 66 cm W x 31 cm D Overall Size: 26" W x 14.256" D x 7.473" H / 66 cm W x 36 cm D x 19 cm H Display: 6-digit, 7-segment 1.0” / 25 mm high transflective LCD Power: 6 “C” cell batteries or universal AC adapter Weight Units: Pounds and Ounces / Kilograms Built-in Ruler: Measures up to 22" / 56 cm Output: RS-232 serial Shipping Weight: 25 lb / 11 kg

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2-Year Warranty