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Cardiovit AT-10 Plus Resting EKG Machine

Cardiovit AT-10 Plus Resting EKG Machine

Brand:   Cardiovit
Condition:   New
The AT-10 plus combines the basics of electrocardiography with the benefits of the IT world.
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The AT-10 plus combines the basics of electrocardiography with the benefits of the IT world. It not only provides all functions of a high-quality 12-channel electrocardiograph but also meets the requirements of an integrated diagnosis workstation. Its brilliant communication concept makes the AT-10 plus an extremely flexible tool. Features and Benefits Meets newest FAA standards for EKG report submission! (FAA Class I Physicals) Resting ECG station in clinics and practices. Ergometry measuring station meets highest demands. ECG terminal provides mobile ECG recording. Integrated recording station in a cardiological practice. Acts as a cardiopulmonary diagnosis station for industrial medicine. Compact laptop design. High-resolution colour display (13 leads on screen). Integrated 12-channel ECG recorder for top quality ECGs. Pacemaker detection. Rechargeable battery for mobile use. Resting ECG measurement. XML data transfer for Resting ECG to a PC or Information System via Ethernet or internal modem. Bi-directional network communication provides remote access to SEMA-stored patient record. ECG Interpretive SCHILLER ECG Measurement and Interpretation Software for Children and Adult ECGs Computerized ECG measurement values greatly help the physician in her/his daily work: it saves time and the results are more accurate and consistent compared to manual calculation. SCHILLER developed its own programs. That allows us to update and improve our software and to make updates available for the physicians at any time after purchasing an equipment. The program passed extensive checking and, among others, the CSE diagnostic database. SCHILLER personnel is member of advisory ECG interpretation councils. The computerized ECG interpretation is designed to assist the physician but never replaces her/his decision. The physician has to consider all other relevant information of the patient. Features and Benefits SCHILLER measurement program M provides overall measurements and a table with lead specific measurement results of all 12 simultaneously acquired standard leads for resting and exercise ECGs. SCHILLER interpretation program C (includes M software) gives the physician over a thousand different interpretation hints (after a Resting ECG). The M software is included in the standard version of the following SCHILLER units: AT-101, AT-101 easy, AT-101 Tele, AT-102, AT-10 plus, AT-104 PC, CS-200, AT-110 (and can be upgraded in the AT-1). The C interpretation software can be upgraded any time in the following units: AT-1, AT-101, AT-101 easy, AT-101 Tele, AT-2, AT-2 plus, AT-102, AT-10 plus, AT-104 PC, CS-200, AT-110. Except for AT-2, the interpretation software fits for children and adult ECGs. Ordering the interpretation software, a detailed physicians guide for M/C software is delivered. SCHILLER Communication Module (SCM) New innovative built-in communication module for the transmission of diagnostic recordings in XML formats over the standard Internet transfer protocol HTTP Features and Benefits Transmission of Resting ECG data in XML format to a PC or Information System via - Ethernet interface - Built-in analogue modem (optional) Singular or batch transmission of recordings Built-in DHCP client for automatic assigning of IP-addresses in a DHCP enabled network Efficient transmission of data via modem connections using built-in gzip compression of the recordings Secure transmission of patient data via the Internet is possible using built-in 1024-bit strong encryption (requires SCHILLER server-side software) Availability The SCHILLER Communication Module (SCM) is available as an option in the CARDIOVIT AT-101 and CARDIOVIT AT-102 diagnostic units The SCHILLER Communication Module (SCM) is available as standard in the CARDIOVIT AT-10 plus diagnostic unit Equipped with the add-on SCHILLER Communication Server (SCS) software, the SCHILLER Data Management Solutions SEMA light and SEMA-200 can receive the XML output from the SCHILLER Communication Module (SCM) SCHILLER Filter Technology SPF SCHILLER Powerline Filter, SSF SCHILLER Smoothing Filter, SMF SCHILLER Myogram-Filter and SBS SCHILLER Baseline Stabilizer SPF SCHILLER Powerline Frequency Filter: Distortion-free suppression of superimposed 50 or 60 Hz sinusoidal interferences by adaptive digital filtering. Options Automatic ECG measurement and computer-aided ECG interpretation for pediatric and adult ECGs Thrombolysis recommendation software Pacemaker measurements Stress ECG software (fully automatic ergometry, average cycles, ST measurement, rhythm recording, detailed report) Spirometry

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Materials Included AT-10 Plus EKG Machine (1) 10 Lead Patient Cable (10) Snap Clip Electrode Adapters (500) Disposable Electrodes (1) Pack of Paper (1) Power Cable (1) SP-250 Flow Sensor (Spirometry Option) (10) Disposable Flow Tubes (Spirometry Option) (2) Nose Clips (Spirometry Option) (1) 3L Calibration Syringe (Spirometry Option) (1) ECG Cart (Stress Option) (1) Cable Arm (Stress Option) User Manual

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3-year warranty