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Bistos BT-400 Phototherapy

Bistos BT-400 Phototherapy

Brand:   Bistos
Condition:   New
BT-400 is the ultimate solution for Neonatal Jaundice treatment.
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BT-400 is the ultimate solution for Neonatal Jaundice treatment. BT-400 has blue LED lamp so that it is much more curable and effective than ultraviolet light lamp phototherapy such as florescent or halogen one. Features and Benefits 20,000 hour operating time High intensity with efficient treatment Operating & total using time display Timer, 2 level adjustable intensity Light weight and compact size When using phototherapy, protective eyeshades must be used to protect the infant’s eyes from excessive light exposure. Optional eye shades are available.

Additional Information

Materials Included Phototherapy unit with timer Clamp Power Supply Wrench User Manual Cart (Optional) Eye Shade (Optional) Note: The mobile cart is required.

Tech Specs

Technical Specifiations Light Source - Blue LEDs Wavelength: Peak between 450 ~475 nm Intensity: 20 ~ 100W/CM²/nm at 40 cm Variation in intensity over 6 hours: ± 10% (within illumination area) Effective surface area: 40 x 20 cm Function: Intensity Low Intensity: 20 ~ 70W/CM²/NM ± 10% High Intensity: 40 ~ 100W/CM²/NM ± 10% Timer: 30 min. ~ 999 hours Heat Output: Over 6 hours < 10 °C warmer than ambient (at 40 cm) LCD Display: Operating Hour, Total Hour, Timer, Adjustable Intensity Installation: Mobile Cart, Pole Mounted, Incubator Electrical Mains: Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Consumption: 70VA Safety: Leakage Current: <100 μA Audible Noise: < 60 dB Dimensions: 200 CM 34 x 21 x 7.5 CM

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Warranty & Returns

2-Year Warranty