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AXEO 3 Patient Monitor

AXEO 3 Patient Monitor

Brand:   AXEO 3
Condition:   New
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Features and Benefits Large 12.1 LCD TFT high definition flat panel display with touch screen. 8 Channel selectable wave forms Programmable NIBP cycles (2 min - 4 hours) Programmable audible / visual alarms Simultaneous display of all parameters Real time wave form history for on screen review Trend information on all parameters Alarm triggered printout Adult to neonatal usage AC/DC operation Functions Standard 3 or 5 Lead ECG NIBP SpO2 Impedance Respiration Temperature ST Segment and Arrhythmia Analysis Priority Alarms Tabular Trending / Graphical Trending Touch Screen Drug Calculations OXY CRG Patient ID Input Ethernet / RS-232 2 Temperatures Large Fonts Optional Thermal Strip Chart Recorder Mobile Cart with Basket Two Invasive Pressure EtCO2

Additional Information

Materials Included AXEO 3 unit (1) Adult Blood Pressure Cuff with Hose (1) SpO2 Adult Finger Probe (1) 3/5 lead ECG Cables with leads (1) Hospital Grade Power Cord (1) Skin Temperature Probe (1) User Manual

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications Application Neonatal Pediatric Adult Dimensions: 345 × 336 × 165 mm (13.5" x 13.25" x 6.5”) Weight: 15 lbs Performance Specifications Display: 12.1 inch Color TFT Touchscreen Trace: 4, 6 or 8 Waveforms Waveforms: ECG (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1-V6), PLETH, RESP, IBP1, IBP2, EtCO2 Indicators: Alarm Indicator Power Indicators QRS beep and alarm sound Trend time: From 30 mins to 72 hours Recorder: Built-in, thermal array, 3 channels Record width: 48mm Recorder paper: 50mm Record speed: 25mm/s, 50mm/s ECG Input: 3 or 5-lead ECG cable, AAMI standard Lead Selections: I, II, III, aVR, aVF, aVL, V Gain Selections: ×0.25 ×0.5 ×1.0 ×2.0 Frequency Characteristics: 0.5-40Hz ±3dB Monitor, 0.05-130Hz Diag. ECG Waveforms: 7 channels Sweep Speeds: 12.5, 25 and 50mm/s HR Display Range: 0-300bpm Accuracy: ±1bpm or ±1%, whichever is greater Alarm limit range: Upper limit: 80-400bpm Lower limit: 20-150bpm Respiration Measurement Method: RA-LL impedance (Lead II) Range: 0-120rpm Accuracy: +3rpm Alarm Upper-lower Limit: Upper limit: 6-120rpm Lower limit: 3-120rpm Sweep Speed: 6.25, 12.5, and 25mm/s NIBP Measurement Technology: Automatic Oscillometric Measurement Cuff Inflation: < 30s-0-300mmHg standard adult cuff Measurement Period: Average < 40s Operating Modes: Manual, Auto, STAT Measurement Interval in AUTO Mode: 2 minutes to 4 hours Pulse Rate Range: 30 bpm - 250 bpm Measuring Range: Adult/Pediatric Mode SYS 40-250mmHg DIA 15-200mmHg Neonatal Mode SYS 40-135mmHg DIA 15-100mmHg Resolution: 1mmHg Pressure Accuracy: Maximum Mean Error: 5mmHg Maximum Standard Deviation: 8mmHg Overpressure Protection: Adult Mode: 297mmHg Neonatal Mode: 147mmHg Alarm Limit: SYS 30-240mmHg DIA 15-180mmHg Temperature Range: 0-50 C Accuracy: + 0.2° @ 25.0-34.9 C + 0.1° @ 35.0-39.9 C + 0.2° @ 40.0-44.9 C + 0.3° @ 45.0-50.0 C Display Resolution: 0.1 C Units: Selectable, C or F Alarm Upper-lower Limit: Upper limit 0-50, Lower limit 0-50 C Channels: 2 channels plus Temperature Alarm Limit: 10-50 C SpO2 ASpO2: Anti-motion SpO2 SpO2% Range: 0-100%, with proportional pitch beep SpO2 Accuracy: + 2% 70-100%,non-motion + 3% 70-100%, motion Pulse Rate Range: 0-250 bpm Pulse Rate Accuracy: ±2 bpm (non-motion), ±3 bpm (motion) Alarm Upper-Lower Limit: Upper limit 50-100% Lower limit 50-100% SpO2 Probe Red LED wavelength 660nm±5nm Infrared LED wavelength 940nm±10nm IBP (Option) Measurement Range: -10 to 300mmHg Channels: 2 channels Pressure transducer: Sensitivity, 5µV/V/mmHg Impedance range: 300-3000Ω Transducer sites: ART, PA,CVP, RAP, LAP, ICP Resolution: 1mmHg Accuracy: ±1mmHg or ±2%, whichever is greater Alarm Range: -10 to 300mmHg EtCO2 (Option) Mode of Sampling: Sidestream or Mainstream Principle of Operation: Nondispersive infrared (NDIR) single beam optics, dual wavelength, no moving parts CO2 measurement Range: 0 to 150mmHg (0 to 19.7%, 0 to 20kPa) CO2 Calculation Method: BTPS (Body Temperature Pressure Saturated) CO2 Resolution: 0.1mmHg (0-69mmHg), 0.25mmHg (70- 150mmHg) CO2 Accuracy: 0~40 ± 2mmHg 41~70mmHg ±5% of reading 71~100mmHg ±8% of reading 101~150mmHg ±10% of reading > 80 breath per minute ±12% of reading Sampling Rate: 100 Hz Respiration Rate: 2-150bpm Respiration Rate Accuracy: ±1 breath Response Time: <3 seconds, includes transport and rise time Inspired CO2 Measurement Range: 3-50mmHg Power Source: External AC power and internal battery AC Power: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 150VA Battery: Built-in and rechargeable Charge Time: 16 hours Operating Time: 4 hours Fuse: F5.0A250V Environmental Specifications Temperature: Operating: 0-40°C Storage: -20-60°C Humidity Range: Operating: 15-95% Storage: 10-95% Battery Type: PS-1290 12V-9AH Operating Time On Battery: 4 hours Operating Time After Low Battery Alarm: 30 minutes Recorder (Option) Record Width: 48mm Paper Speeds: 25mm/s, 50mm/s Traces: 3 LCD Specifications Display Type: TFT color LCD Size (diagonal): 31cm (12.1”) Active Area: 246.0 H ×184.5 V Pixel Format 800 H × 600 V (1 pixel=R + G + B dots) Pixel Pitch (W x H): 0.3075 x 0.3075mm Number of Colors (Resolution): 262,144 colors (6 bits/color) Display Mode: Normally white Surface Treatment: Anti-glare and hard-coating 3H Touchscreen Specifications Type: Four-Wire Analog Resistive Touch Panel Input Modes: Stylus Pen or Finger Active Area: 245.00±0.20×183.00±0.20mm Total Thickness: 2.25±0.20mm Transparency: 78 ± 3% (Measured by BYK-Gardner) Haze: Antiglare Finish 10 ± 3% Knock Test: 1,000,000 times

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