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AstraTouch Spirometer

AstraTouch Spirometer

Brand:   Astra
Condition:   New
The AstraTouch Desktop Spirometer provides easy navigation when performing comprehensive spirometry testing.
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The AstraTouch Desktop Spirometer provides easy navigation when performing comprehensive spirometry testing. Its multi-functional capabilities enable diagnostic decisions from the screen data, from its resident printer or off-line report writers. PC links via USB or optional Bluetooth simplifies the process of data storage, EMR transfers and real-time direct testing. Designed to be accurate and easy to use, the simplicity of operation and wealth of configurability options expand the scope of spirometry testing like never before. Features and Benefits Quick and easy data entry, wireless navigation, accuracy and precision without calibration allow quick test results Expanded testing capabilities with quality test assurance meet all clinic needs Measures over 40 parameters of FVC, VC, MVV with choice of 16 predicted sets Real-time PC testing, archiving or EMR maximizes communication and telemedicine capabilities Better patient cooperation and assures patient effort Social Security Disability-testing capable Meets NIOSH standards Audible end-of test-alert Optional features include pulse oximetry, MIP/MEP, weather station, calibration syringe, carrying case and Ethernet connectivity Features and Benefits

Additional Information

Materials Included Astratouch Desktop Spirometer w/ full color touchscreen display AccuFlo digital turbine AstraPro software On-board thermal printer (2) Printer Paper Rolls (10) Mouthpieces (10) Nose Clips User Manual

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications Forced Parameters Measured Forced Vital Capacity: FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEF, FEF50%FEV6, FEV1/FEC, PEF, FEF50%, FEF25-75%, FEV6, FEV1/FEV0.5, PEFT, Vext, FIVC, FIF50%, FEF50/FIF50, QC Grades, FEV .5, FEV3, FEV.5/FVC, FEV3/FVC,FEV1/VC, FEV1/FEV6, FEV1/PEF, FEV1/FIV1, PEF/PIF, FEF25%, FEF75%, FEF75-85%, FET25-75%, FET100, FIV1, FIV1/FIVC, PIF, MTT, MVVInd, Lung age MVV: MVV, Br./min Bronchoconstriction: FVC, FEV1, PEF, FEF25-75%, PDx Relaxed Parameters Measured VC: VC, TV, ERV, IRV, IC, Ti, Te, Tt, Ti/Tt Maneuvers per patient: 8 total; best test and last test highlighted Interpretation: Selectable -- Kory, Miller, ATS, NLHEP (Ferguson) Predicted sets: Selectable -- 16 Total Ethnic correction: Selectable -- % Actual, Caucasian, Hispanic, AfroAmerican Language: Selectable -- English, Spanish or French Measurement Scale (BTPS) Flow range: 0-16 L/sec Volume: 0-10 L Measurement method: Infrared Interruption via Digital Turbine Dynamic flow resistance: <1.5 cm H20/L/sec @14 L/sec Measurement Precision (BTPS) At highest volume: +/- 3% or 50 mL At highest flow: +/- 5% or 150 mL Time related precision: .5% Volume resolution: <6 mL Sampling frequency: 50 Hz Hardware Specifications Storage capacity: 3000+ study database Display: 5.7” High resolution color VGA touchscreen Communication: USB to printer and PC, RS232, HL-7* Dimensions: 7.7” x 10.6”x 3.9” Weight: 3.7 lbs. Power supply: 110 to 240V, 50 to 60 Hz or NiMH battery pack Storage Temperature: -4oF to 158oF Printer: 110 mm thermal graphic printer

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2-Year Warranty.