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Astra 300 Spirometer, EMR Compatible software included

Astra 300 Spirometer, EMR Compatible software included

Brand:   Astra 300
Condition:   New
The Astra 300 puts the sophistication and simplicity of a touch screen in the palm of your hand.
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The Astra 300 puts the sophistication and simplicity of a touch screen in the palm of your hand. Enter data, test patients, and send and print reports with precision and ease. Easily report your choice of up to 40 spirometry test parameters, all measured accurately and precisely. The touchscreen makes it easy; SDI makes it accurate. Features and Benefits Occupational Health Multifunction testing capability. Program flexibility. Bright LED touchscreen display. Flow-trigger, patient-initiated testing. AstraPro Software included Measures over 40 parameters of FVC, VC and MVV. Optional Bluetooth to PC. Internal temperature sensor. Choice of 14 Predicted Authors. Direct to USB PC and printer interface. Full size report printouts. Firmware upgrades at no charge. Test quality assurance prompts. Automatic interpretation. AccuFlo Digital Turbine. Automated maneuver acceptability. Attractively priced. No proprietary disposables. Audible end-of-test alert. Tailor your testing modality as needed. Choice of custom or pre-set programs Facilitates patient data entry. Easy-to-read data, comments and interpretation. Enhanced patient cooperation. Download data, perform testing and communicate with your EHR system. Choose only the values needed for diagnosis. Speedy wireless interface for interactive testing Automatic BTPS correction. Race specific equations/Ethnic correction. Fast and easy documentation Necessary for reimbursement. Maintain up-to-date standards and features. Insures reliable test results Aids in rapid diagnosis. Accurate and precise measurements. Assures repeatability. Superior investment to income ratio Low cost per test, lower cost of ownership. Assures accurate results.

Additional Information

Materials Included Astra 300 Touch Screen Spirometer AstraPro Spirometry Software 10 AstraGuard Bacterial/Viral Filters 10 Noseclips 1 Quick Reference Card 1 Cable USB (PC Link) 1 Cable USB (External Printer Link) 2 AA 1.5 V Alkaline Battery Carrying Case 1 Turbine Transducer Measured Parameters FVC - Forced Vital Capacity FEV1 : Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second FEV1/FVC : Ratio of FEV1 to FVC FEV6 : Forced Expiratory Volume in 6 seconds FEV1/FEV6 : Ratio of FEV1 to FEV6 FEV .5 : Forced Expiratory Volume in ,5 seconds FEV3 : Forced Expiratory Volume in 3 seconds FEV.5 / FVC : Ratio of FEV.5 to FVC FEV3 / FVC : Ratio of FEV3 to FVC FEV1 / VC : Ratio of FEV1 to Slow Vital Capacity FEF25% : Maximum Expiratory Flow @ 25% of blow FEF50% : Maximum Expiratory Flow @ 50% of blow FEF75% : Maximum Expiratory Flow @ 75% of blow FEF25%-75% : Avg. Forced Expiratory Flow between 25% and 75% of blow FEF75%-85% : Avg. Forced Expiratory Flow between 75% and 85% of blow FET25%-75% : Expiratory Time between 25% and 75% of blow FET 100%: Total forced expiratory time FEF50%/FIF50% : Maximum Expiratory Flow@50%/Mean Inspiratory Flow@50% FEV1 / FEV.5 : Forced Expiratory Volume @1 sec / Forced Expiratory Volume @ .5 sec FEV1 / PEF : Forced Expiratory Volume @1 sec / Peak Expiratory Flow FIF50% : Maximum Inspiratory Flow @ 50% of blow FIVC : Forced Inspiratory Vital Capacity FIV1 : Forced Inspiratory Volume in 1 second FIV1 / FVC : Ratio of FEV1 to FVC FEV1 / FIV1 : Ratio of FEV1 to FIV1 PIF : Peak Inspiratory Flow MTT : Mean Transit Time PEF / PIF : Ratio of PEF to PIF BEV : Back:extrapolated Volume COPD Ind : COPD Index PEF : Peak Expiratory flow Lung Age MVV - Maximum Voluntary Ventilation Br/min : Breaths per minute VC - Slow Vital Capacity TV : Tidal Volume ERV : Expiratory Reserve Volume IRV : Inspiratory Reserve Volume IC : Inspiratory Capacity Ti : Inspiratory time Te : Expiratory time Tt : Total Time Ti/Tt : Ratio of Ti to Tt

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications Measurement Scale (BTPS) Flow range: 0-16 L/s Volume (L): 0-10 Measurement Method: Infrared Interruption via Digital Turbine Dynamic flow resistance: <1.5 cm H20/L/sec @ 14 L/sec Precision of measurements (BTPS) At highest volume: +/- 3% or 50 mL At highest flow: +/- 5% or 150 mL Time related precision: .5% Volume resolution: <6mL Sampling frequency: 50Hz Hardware Specifications Storage Capacity: >1100 test Keyboard: Alphanumeric LCD touch screen Communication: USB to printer and PC, RS232 Optional: Bluetooth to PC Occupational Health Module Communication port : USB to printer Dimensions: 5.75 x 3.25 x 4.0 in. Power supply: 2 x 1.5DC Alkaline or NiMH batteries

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