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Brand:   AVANCE CS2
Condition:   New
Although redesigned from the ground up, we built the Avance CS² using familiar platform components from the original Avance Carestation, leveraging our 100-year expertise as the global leader in anesthesia delivery. We then chose to enhance it even further with innovative technologies and intuitive workflow features for those who value sophisticated, high-acuity care.
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The optional ecoFLOW feature is a display option that provides a graphical representation of oxygen flow and anesthetic agent use. Through an easy to view digital display, the ecoFLOW option can show you your pre-set target and calculate the cost of your agent consumed in real-time. Clinicians use the information to adjust oxygen flow to maintain their desired inspired oxygen concentration and avoid unnecessarily high fresh gas flow rates.

Additional Information

Features: Moveable 15'' touch ventilator display screen with CARESCAPE* inspired user interface for the unified Carestation* user experience. ecoFLOW provides information that may help clinicians maintain their desired inspired oxygen concentration during low and minimum flow anesthesia. ecoFLOW for visualizing agent consumption and help in mitigating wasteful over delivery of fresh gas flow. User configurable 'Quick Picks' for rapid selection of FiO2 and total flow combinations. ecoFLOW Benefits: For the Patient: Helps your patient care with inspired oxygen target concentration data. Economical: Using less agent means spending less money, which can have a positive impact on your bottom line when waste gases are reduced. Ecological: Efficient, low flow can help reduce agent and gas waste. Exceptional Design: Central brake Top shelf mounting rails Metal work surface Movable display arm for inbound and outboard positioning Two or three vaporizer positions Bi-level work surface illumination

Tech Specs

With time-saving quick pick choices, flat menus and tunneling alarms, the Avance CS² can help you deliver precise care with a personal touch every day. Quick Picks: Configurable quick picks for FGF settings Combination quick picks (O2% and FGF ) Alarm Management: Tunneling Alarms guide the clinician to address alarms and make adjustments with a single touch. Primary limits of chosen parameters regrouped in the first alarm set up tab The Advanced Breathing System (ABS) and Integrated Gas Monitoring technology are key components of GE’s platform approach to anesthesia delivery. Advanced Breathing System (ABS*): Compact breathing system specifically designed for low flow to help provide fast gas kinetics for rapid wash-in and wash-out Continual fresh gas flow with fresh gas flow compensation during mechanical ventilation