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LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0

LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0

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Migrated from GE’s flagship system, the LOGIQTM S8 XDclearTM 2.0 system enables superb imaging across a wide range of clinical applications in a highly portable unit.
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Simply Amazing Migrated from GE’s flagship system, the LOGIQTM S8 XDclearTM 2.0 system enables superb imaging across a wide range of clinical applications in a highly portable unit. Superb Imaging Enhanced with XDclear imaging architecture and probe technology, the system delivers superb imaging across a wide range of applications. Simplified Workflow Greater portability with a smaller footprint and the option to scan via battery alone for up to one hour. Productivity enhancers – such as large touchscreen and intuitive keyboard – help speed workflow. Scalable to Your Needs Tailor the system to your practice, with our selection of sophisticated clinical tools, educational opportunities, service and financial solutions.

Additional Information

Clinical Challenge For ultrasound imaging in radiology, clinicians need to image a wide variety of patients in a multitude of settings across a wide range of studies. GE Solution The LOGIQTM S8 XDclearTM 2.0 system delivers superb images, from routine cases to the technically challenging. It is designed for a wide range of applications including abdominal, small parts, breast, vascular, OB/GYN, cardiology, pediatrics, musculoskeletal, urology and more. It balances performance with portability. Superb Imaging S-Agile Acoustic Architecture – Dynamically optimizes image acquisition for virtually every body type. Acquire images of uniform excellence with minimal keystrokes Selection of high performance probes – Choose from a wide portfolio of E-Series and XDclear probes, which enable exceptional penetration and sensitivity even with obese patients Enhanced B-Flow* and B-Flow Color imaging – High sensitivity and expansive clinical coverage via direct, real-time visualization of blood flow echoes without the limitations of Doppler Imaging

Tech Specs

Clinical Challenge Chronic liver disease affects millions of people. Clinicians need a cost-effective, highly reproducible way to help them identify high-risk patients, track disease progression quantifiably, and make informed treatment decisions. GE Solution The Liver Package for the LOGIQ™ S8 XDclear™ 2.0 ultrasound system gives clinicians access to a comprehensive set of imaging and quantification capabilities that enable patients with liver disease to be managed in a reproducible way across the continuum of care. Diagnosis & Staging CEUS – Contrast enhanced ultrasound enhances the clinician’s ability to detect and characterize lesions. Parametric imaging and TIC are available for further quantification and assessment 2D Shear Wave Elastography – Quantitative measures of tissue elasticity and color-coded elastograms give clinicians an advanced level of information FibroScan VCTE and CAP – Provides diagnostic data on liver fibrosis and cirrhosis by measuring liver stiffness, and enables assessment of steatosis by measuring Controlled Attenuation Parameter Volume Navigation – Enables merging of real-time ultrasound with CT, MR, CBCT, or 3D ultrasound images to simplify the counting of masses, lesions and nodules