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Brand:   ASCOM
Condition:   New
The Ascom secondary alarm notification solution from GE Healthcare provides caregivers with content-rich alarm information in the form of a text-based alarm notification (e.g., bed location,
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Intelligent alarm management helps deliver consistent and dependable care The Ascom secondary alarm notification solution from GE Healthcare provides caregivers with content-rich alarm information in the form of a text-based alarm notification (e.g., bed location, severity and status) along with up to a 12-second waveform snapshot for ECG-related events. This additional information provided to caregivers may enable them to better understand and react to a given clinical situation. The release of Ascom Unite Axess for Smart Devices expands the mobility of patient data distribution in near-real-time. Ascom Unite Axess enables caregivers to receive secondary alarm notifications on devices such as iPhones** and Android** smartphones. With customizable filtering and prioritization available in the Ascom Mobile Monitoring Gateway (MMG), alarm management is enhanced, helping to avoid alarm fatigue.

Additional Information

Benefits of the Ascom Secondary Alarm Notification Solution from GE Healthcare The Ascom secondary alarm notification solution provides caregivers with a number of advanced capabilities and benefits, including: Alarm filtering Alarm filters may help minimize alarm fatigue; they are designed to optimize alarm distribution and help ensure caregivers receive relevant alarms. Filters are applied before any other processing of the message occurs. Alarm priority is not removed or altered by filters. Activity logging Activity Logging provides access to hospital alarm notification activity via the hospital network. Recent activity logs are stored in the Unite Connectivity Manager; longer term log retention is accomplished by exporting logs to an external file server. Logs can be utilized for historical analyses, such as audit trail reviews and performance monitoring. Staff assignment The flexible staff assignment interface manages the distribution and escalation of secondary alarm notifications for optimal resource utilization. Assignments can be centrally administered across multiple clinical systems including patient monitoring and nurse call systems, eliminating duplication of assignment activities. Waveform Presentation Waveform Presentation enables the caregiver to receive up to a 12-second waveform snapshot of the alarm on Ascom IP-DECT and VoWiFi handsets and on select smart devices, along with a text-based alarm notification. The user can view a waveform segment sent to the handset by scrolling forward after the alarm occurred or scrolling backward before the alarm occurred. By providing more content and context related to the alarm, the caregiver now has the ability to better understand the alarm situation and respond to the event accordingly. Smart device alert messaging application Ascom Unite Axess App enables clinical alert messaging for smart devices (i.e., iPhones and Android smartphones). This advanced messaging application complements existing messaging capabilities of IP-DECT handsets, VoWiFi handsets, pagers, and LED signs. Patient information and alerts are delivered to a smart device utilizing robust standards-based security, over-the-air encryption and user authentication. Ascom Myco® smart device Ascom Myco is a purpose-built smart device developed especially for nurses, caregivers and clinicians. It combines smartphone performance with intelligent alert handling and a robust, durable design to withstand the challenges in a healthcare environment. Ascom Myco supports barcode technology and has a unique top display for at-a-glance notifications. MMG with Redundancy MMG Redundency: Active Failover Monitory The MMG with redundancy capability enables a secondary module to become active automatically within 60 seconds of the primary module failure. Redundancy in MMG enables continuous and dependable alarm management with limited down time.

Tech Specs

Hardware platform The Mobile Monitoring Gateway (MMG) and Unite Connectivity Manager operate on the Elise3 embedded solid state server platform for enhanced performance and lower operating costs. Network appliance Highly secure, solid state, and embedded hardware Small footprint: 1.73” x 8.66” x 7.84” (H x W x D) Linux** kernel, not full operating system NO anti-virus required NO patch management required Low heat generation NO spinning fans needed for cooling Rack mountable Two modules side-by-side One module, one insert 1U rack space Compatibility Compatible with these GE products: ApexPro* Telemetry System CARESCAPE* Modular Monitors CDT-LAN Dash* 2000/2500/3000/4000/5000 monitors GE DINAMAP* PRO 1000 monitor Octacomm Solar* 7000/8000/8000i/8000M/9000/9500monitors Tramscope Unity Network* ID 1. Contact your local GE and Ascom Sales Specialist for compatibility and functionality details, and prior to any commercial agreement made regarding third-party devices. GE Ascom Secondary Alarm Notification Mobile Monitoring Gateway hardware platform Interfaces/supported devices Ascom devices1 DECT Paging VoWiFi Smart devices1 iOS (iPhones**, iPads**) Android** smartphones Third-party devices1 Cisco** IP phones Polycom SpectraLink** phones Pagers Text displays