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Essilor Instruments
Cornea 550 Corneal Analyzer

Cornea 550 Corneal Analyzer

Brand:   Essilor
Condition:   New
Specially designed for dry eye assessment and contact lens fitting
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Advanced Tear Film Analysis for Dry Eye Treatment Videokeratoscopy scan of the corneal surface for redness to help assess the eyelids hygiene Calculation of the tear meniscus height based on a measured area to evaluate the tear volume Non-invasive measurement of the tear film break-up time and the anterior segment Assessment of the quality of the tear film Meibography with color scale enabling the evaluation of gland loss Streamlined Contact Lens Fitting Process Precise evaluation of the corneal surface and wide variety of graphic presentations. Rapid and easy selection of the best lens thanks to fluorescein image simulation and integrated database which includes lenses from 27 brands. Dynamic and static capture of the pupil reaction according to light conditions (scotopic, photopic, mesopic). Valuable Tool to Facilitate Communication Efficient way to share information thanks to the wide and high definition screen. Comprehensive and easy-to-understand graphic representations to enhance your expertise.

Additional Information

How does it measure topography? Placido rings (versus the cone technology) How many points does it measure? It uses 24 rings to measure 6144 points, covering the whole cornea. Can I do reports? Yes, there are preset reports and custom reports are also available. Is a computer included? No computer is included. We suggest you buy the computer from us to avoid compatibility issues. How many viewers are included? Software is included with two additional viewers. Do “extra” functions cost more (e.g., Meibomian analysis, tear film analysis)? In Cornea550, everything is already included. Does it have Meibomian and tear film analysis? Yes, there are multiple forms of analysis for upper and lower Meibomian glands and tear film breakup, including live-video capability. Does it detect keratoconus? Yes, it has an automatic keratoconus indicator with details of the degree. Can we do progression reports? Yes, the doctor is able to follow the patient and compare images over time. Do we have a soft lens library for Cornea550? No, only rigid lenses Do we have a scleral lens library for Cornea550? No, only rigid lenses What are the minimum requirements for the PC? Windows 7, 8 or 10. 2 USB 3.0 ports. Intel Celeron Processor, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HD and 1024 GB video card Is Cornea550 DICOM compatible? Yes, but we do not have the integration with EHR. Do we need a USB3 port in the PC? Yes, one port is needed. Can we do Meibomian analysis with Cornea550? Yes, we can do it for the superior and inferior. Can we do tear film or BUT analysis with Cornea550? Yes, with real-time video capability Can I measure the elevation of both the anterior and posterior cornea? No, Cornea550 only measures the anterior. Does the software have cases of corneal pathology such as keratoconus? Yes, it has patient cases. Can I do multiple map displays? Yes, it can display 1, 2, 3, or 4 maps. Can I do OD/OC comparison displays? Yes, also from old exams. Can I do an overlay of the image for OD/OS? Yes Can I do a full study of the pupil diameters? Yes, it is called pupilography. Can I simulate NaFl (fluorescein)? Yes, it can be done using the numerical values obtained from the topography. Can I do pictures and videos of the anterior segment? Yes Does it include features for keratoconus assessments? Yes, also alerts Can I do printouts of the display? Yes, every single display can be exported as a report in PDF. Does Cornea550 have the Scheimpflug technology? No Does AnaEyes have corneal ectasia monitoring and treatment? Yes, there are features that will allow you to show the treatment progress. Can I monitor keratoconus progression on patients? Yes, there is a feature that will allow you to monitor the keratoconus progression. Is Cornea550 an Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography (AS-OCT)? No Do I need to drill my table to mount Cornea550? Yes, it is required, with a footprint like a slit lamp (13″ x 13″).

Tech Specs

High-resolution color camera Wide array of graphic representations Large contact lens database and autofit function (RGP) Advanced qualitative and quantitative tear film assessment Dynamic and static capture pupillometry Independent screen to facilitate the sharing of results Sample video available upon request