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AKR750E Auto Kerato-Refractometer

AKR750E Auto Kerato-Refractometer

Brand:   Essilor
Condition:   New
Fast, accurate and fully automatic: an ideal solution for delegating patient measurement
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FULL AUTO KERATO REFRACTOMETER One-touch button measuring process for both eyes High measurement accuracy, even on small diameter pupils to deliver precise data whatever the exam conditions Wide range of measurements: PK with eccentricity, pupil size Unique “scanning window” with smooth and silent movement to create comfortable and stress-free exam atmosphere Large 7.5” tilting screen for easy operation and optimal visibility Auto and manual measurement modes available for more flexibility READY FOR AUTOMATED REFRACTION CHAIN Can be easily connected to the APH 550 automatic refractor for an automatic transmission of objective refraction data Company About Us News & Promotions Events Terms and Conditions Contact Us Products Exam Room Diagnostic/Prescreening Lens Finishing Systems Dispensing Vision Screeners & Tests Hand Instruments & BIOs Chairs/Stands/Tables/Stools Accessories & Consumables Marketing Materials Ads Brochures Videos Live Chat Follow Us © 2018 Essilor Instruments USA

Additional Information

What are the benefits of AKR750? Fully automatic for both eyes No movement needed for the patient Joystick to control the measurements for difficult patients Highly accurate products How many shots can it take? The equipment has two modes, auto and manual. In the auto mode, we can set up one to three shots. We recommend three shots and use the average for better accuracy.

Tech Specs

One-touch button measuring process for both eyes Ultra-precise measurement, for even small diameter pupils Auto and manual measurement modes available Wide range of measures including peripheral keratometry with eccentricity Large 7.5″ tilting screen for easy operation Automatic data transfer to APH 550