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Essilor Instruments
AKR550E Auto Kerato-Refractometer

AKR550E Auto Kerato-Refractometer

Brand:   Essilor
Condition:   New
Outstanding refractive measurement with quick and simple operation
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HIGH QUALITY MEASUREMENTS High measurement accuracy, even on small pupils Guided alignment and auto-shoot: once focus is done, measurement starts automatically. Automatic pupil size measurement in scotopic and photopic light conditions Tilting and swiveling screen to operate both in seated and standing positions READY FOR AUTOMATED REFRACTION CHAIN Can be easily connected to the APH 550 automatic refractor for an automatic transmission of objective refraction data

Additional Information

How many shots can it take? The equipment has two modes, auto and manual. In the auto mode, we can set up one to three shots. We recommend three shots and use the average for better accuracy. What is automatic in AKR550? The AKR will shoot automatically when it is in focus. Why use the manual vs. auto mode? Manual is recommended for a better focus. In the auto mode, the shooting could be faster but the focusing could be compromised. What is the minimum pupil size? The minimum pupil size is 2.2 mm. Do we need calibration? Yes, onsite calibration is possible. There is no need to send the unit back for calibration.

Tech Specs

High-accuracy measurement on even small pupils Guided alignment that automatically starts measurement when pupil is focused Pupil size measurement in scotopic and photopic light conditions Screen tilts and swivels for comfort when seated or standing Automatic data transfer to APH 550