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 Acrylic Three Mirror Lenses

Acrylic Three Mirror Lenses

Brand:   Volk
Condition:   New
The Volk Acrylic 3 Mirror Laser lens allows ophthalmologists to diagnose and treat the anterior chamber and central and peripheral fundus.
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The lens’s mirrors are precisely angled and flattened in order to eliminate gaps in the fundus viewing area and minimize image distortion. The no-flange option is best suited for use with infants or patients who have narrow palpebral fissures. Available Volk Acrylic 3 Mirror Laser Lenses Include: Three-Mirror Laser Lens - NF Three-Mirror Laser Lens ANF+ Three-Mirror (Uncoated) - NF Three-Mirror (Uncoated) ANF+ Precisely angled and flat mirrors improve view of fundus NF option ideal for infants Exclusive advanced no fluid option (ANF+) available (not recommended for laser procedures) Lightweight, solid plastic construction